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Heroes Con 2016
Tuesday, June 14th, 2016 — 11:08 am
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New BEASTS OF BURDEN one-shot coming in May
Thursday, February 11th, 2016 — 4:48 pm

"What The Cat Dragged In", written by me and Sarah Dyer, illustrated by Jill Thompson is being scheduled for a May release. Today some websites plugged it and took my by surpirse so I'm catching up. I even forgot to credit Sarah for co-writing the book, and oh, cripes, everything's stupid now.

Anyway, love this cover by Jill. Hope folks like the issue when it comes out. It's another...well, you'll see.
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Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 — 3:47 pm

Over and done. 
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New BEASTS OF BURDEN being scheduled. Looking to assemble a letters page.
Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016 — 2:58 pm

Hey, folks – the good news is that we're putting the next issue of BEASTS OF BURDEN together.

Jill's all done with the art for the story, which is called What The Cat Dragged In. It's an all-cat (and one raccoon) issue which answers the question about where Dymphna disappears to at night.

Dark Horse is mapping out the issue, and if all goes well we're looking at a Spring release. However, we have some blank pages to fill in the back of the comic, and we're trying to see if anyone has any questions or comments for us to print in a letters page for the issue. Even if we only fill a page, that's one less ad in the issue and a little something extra to read. Right now we only have one letter. Eep.

So, if anyone would like to toss us some questions or thoughts about the book or what have you, they can write to us and DHC at -

Thanks! And either way, please be on the lookout for the new story.

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Wednesday, January 27th, 2016 — 12:48 pm
In shops today: BILL AND TED’S EXCELLENT COMIC BOOK ARCHIVE from BOOM! studios. The book collects the Bogus Journey movie adaptation and all 11 issues of the series  that I wrote and penciled for Marvel in the early 90′s. Inkers on the series were Marie Severin, Stephen DeSefano and, for one page, David Mazzucchelli. There was one issue that had multiple inkers lending a hand, including Jimmy Palmiotti. I inked the final two pages. That's all the inking trivia I can remember offhand. Robbie Busch handled almost all of the coloring, lettering was by Kurt Hathaway and Tom Orzechowski. The book's extras include penciled and inked pages, pin-ups, and some other art related to the run. They've also included the covers from the Marvel run as well as the original letters pages. 368 pgs in total, all in color, and in hardcover. Non-heinous.

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So, This Exists Now
Monday, December 7th, 2015 — 10:21 pm

Advance copy of The Eltingville Club hardcover collection, taken by project editor Daniel Chabon at the Dark Horse compound.

I wasn't expecting printed copies until mid-to-late January, so this took me by complete surprise. Fingers crossed I get a copy tomorrow, or at least by Wednesday. Can't believe this is really going to be over and done with at last. All that's left is nailing the longbox coffin shut and salting the earth around the grave. Huzzah.

In other news, our BEN 10 script was finalized and apporved, we are offocially signed on to do a new comic-related project, and we're working on the fourth chapter script for our Stela app series. 
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Things We Can Say
Monday, November 23rd, 2015 — 2:17 pm
Mood: eh eh I dunno
So, the cat's out of the bag in rgeards to the "new digital platform" we've been mentioning as of late, and so we can discuss it. To a degree.

The app is called Stela, and it is going to be publishing digital-only original comics content, and you can read more about it here (and here, here, and here), follow them on Twitter here, and expect an announcement in January about the creator-owned series that Sarah and I are writing for them. We're pretty excited about this opportunity as we haven't done steady, serialized writing in a long time, and getting paid decently for it certainly helps sweeten the deal. We can't talk about the title or contents of our series yet, but soon, soon, we'll be bothering you with details on it, the artist, and how much we'd love you folks to support the app and the comic if you're willing and able.

Otherwise, there's been a solicitation for the DC Comics reprinting of WORLD'S FUNNEST, the superhero humor comic I wrote in 2000 which was illustrated by a murderer's row of cartoonists, including Dave Gibbons, David Mazzucchelli, Jaime Hernandez, Jim Woodring, Stuart Immonen, Shelly Moldoff, Ty Templeton, Stephen DeStefano, Bruce Timm, Glen Murikami, Jay Stevens, Frank Miller, Alex Ross and brian Bolland (providing the cover art). WORLD'S FUNNEST will anchor a collection of Bat-Mite-centric stories, including the ones Kevin O'Neill drew, and I belive the first story featuring the little imp.  It's coming out in March, in paperback, and it'll be nice to see a new generation of comics fans ignore a bunch of Bat-Mite comics all over again.

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Nosing Along
Thursday, November 12th, 2015 — 4:57 pm
Things have been going along pretty well here, busy enough to be neglecting the LJ, but, then again, I tend to neglect it even if nothing's happening. Anyway, for those still paying attention, here's an update on what we're up to and where things stand:

The Bill and Ted collection from BOOM! is set for December release.

The Eltingville collection from Dark Horse is set for February.

The World's Funnest reprint hasn't been solicited yet from DC, I still don't know anything about it other than it's slated for March.

The creator-owned series we're writing for a new digital platform (soon to be announced) is moving along. The art's finished for the first chapter, we've scripted the second, and are working on the next two installments. Hopefully we'll be able to talk more about this soon.

The 12-page Mermaid Man story I wrote for the Spongebob Squarepants comic has been penciled and looks really nice. The penciler's name is under wraps for now. I'm very happy to be working with this person.

Jill Thompson has finished up six new pages for a new Beasts of Burden one-shot and they look terrific. She's working on the last third or so of the issue. I am beyond excited to see the series back in production.

I'm slowly reworking a pitch for a continuing creator-owned project I'm developing with artist Veronica Fish, who is currently drawing two issues of the new Archie series as well as a fill-in on Howard the Duck. I have high hopes for this series.

The BEN 10 episode script that Sarah and I wrote is waiting for final approval from the Cartoon Network.

I have been made an offer I can't refuse from a publisher. And I won't. More later.

I've been asked to contribute material to a themed anthology book, as well as an overseas anthology magazine (although that would involve a reprinted piece, but still, it's pretty cool to be asked by this publisher for anything). Sarah and I have been asked to write a short story for an anthology comic, as well. Nothing signed and sealed on those, yet.

We had an offer to publish the Beasts of Burden book in a new market overseas.

I think that's everything going on right now. Things are pretty hectic. Mostly in a good way. Even I have to notice how many times I've written positive words here such as "happy" and "excited". Yes, it scares me as well. I have not been taken over by a pod person. It's still me.

The only really negative thing going on these days is that my arm and drawing hand are not in good shape. I'm in constant pain, with my fingers going numb and sharp pains below my shoulder blade. I work on commissions a little each day but after a while I have to put the pencil or pen down. Typing is also a problem right now. Sleeping can be difficult. Clearly my work habits and posture et al have been the wrong way to do things and left unchecked things will get worse rather than better. I've got an approval for a neurology appointment and have put in a call there and am waiting to hear back to set something up. Hopefully something will come of it that will help.

All for now. Hope everyone out there is well.
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Post-NYCC Drip
Tuesday, October 20th, 2015 — 6:40 pm
Mood: ugh
NYCC was super-productive and super-ridiculous and super-exhausting. And I was only there two days, one with the family, one with the industry. My signing went better than expected, we sold some books, talked to some people, hopefully set some things in motion.

It was great meeting our Eltingville Club editor, Daniel Chabon, in person, and seeing all the folks from Dark Horse. We also got to meet some fo the folks from the digital app project we're involved with, and say hello to a bunch of folks we've met before, and hang out at a few tables in artists alley and all that kind of thing. On Saturday I had a long (and unexpected) talk with Jill Thompson. It was a good talk, and we're continuing to talk, and she was working on new Beasts pages before we ran into one another. Since the show I've seen new art, beautiful as ever, and I'm really hoping we might be back on track and have new stories out next year. I think we will.

The only real downside of the convention was that I came down with the con crud after Saturday, which turned into the con plague (as some are referring to it), which landed me in bed for several days. I then transmitted the plague to the family, because I'm the gift that keeps on giving. I'm still sick, almost ten days later, with a head full of rot and a nose full of snot. Today's the first day since the show I've been able to be semi-productive. Sarah's wrecked and Em's losing her mind from cabin fever, not to mention getting over her actual fever. This was the worst post-con illness we've ever had,. Work has piled up badly and we spent Sarah's birthday conked out. sick and useless. Hopefully we'll all recover soon, and get things in some sort of order.

Before I knock off, let me mention that last week the Peanuts Tribute book came out from BOOM! Studios, with a slew of creators and a 12-page Schulz/Lovecraft mash-up by me and artist Derek Charm. End of plug. End of post.

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