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Stuff For Sale: Let The Culling Begin
Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 — 9:02 pm
We have too much stuff, some of it has to go, and some of it is going on eBay. We used to collect pretty heavily back in the day, and even after we curtailed the habit, comps, trades, freebies and gifts continued (and continue) to come in. For which I'm grateful, because I love my stuff. I really do. But we have way too much of it, and it's been a tough year, so, it makes sense to try to wound two birds with one stone. Or something. You get what I mean.

First round of Stuff Auctions are here. Some comic book things, a few collectibles, oddball items like a Space Ghost PR kit.

Even if you're not in the market for anything, we do nice listings that may be of interest. Sarah takes good, clear photos and handles the auctions in a very professional manner. Sometimes I write stupid listings (like the SGCTC auction). It can lead to fun.

FYI, we'll be putting up some more HOF art soon, but, since my art has a very limited audience (my thanks to our repeat customers, you know who you are) I can't go to that well too often. I don't have a big following, and I don't have Batman or Deadpool pages to sell. Stuff has a larger appeal. So, "Stuff ahoy!", to quote a lazy purple and orange stuffed bear from a video game franchise.

Later, pond skaters.
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Art For Sale...Possibly Appetizing Old Art For Sale...
Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 — 9:41 pm
So, we had a really great time at Heroes but did very poorly at the table, and we did terribly at a one-day show the week before that, and we kinda needed to do some business because things aren't so hot right now, so...yeah. Art for sale. To help keep us doggy-paddling through what is going to be a very rough sea this summer. With Eltingville #2 stretched out (my fault), a bum drawing mitt and two shows back-to-back in the red....well, you get the picture. Art for sale.

Up on e-Bay right now we have some Mad illos, a page from Bill and Ted (sniff), a Milk and Cheese pin-up, some production art from the Eltingville pilot (starting cheap, imho) and a two-page complete Eltingville Club story from Dork #6. These are the first Eltingville interior pages I've offered up for sale, so, if that matters to anyone, there you go.

The listings are here.

Elt Bill 1

In the coming weeks we expect to be listing some HOF odds and ends as well as some things we're looking to divest of from our collection. So, watch this space, if you are interested, I'll be updating with whatever we make available.
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Heroes Con June 20-22
Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 — 12:29 pm
Mood: anxious/exhausted
We're heading back to Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC this weekend, and as usual we'll be hauling some of our comics, books, art and crafts out there, along with whatever else we toss in a box in the hopes of exchanging it for money over the weekend.

We'll be at table space AA 1116 in Indie Island, bunking nearby Stephanie Buscema's set-up. As usual, there's a huge guest list featuring creators from across the comics board, mainstream, indy, alt, all-ages, vets, newbies, old, young, male, female, etc. I'm excited to be going as a fan because Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez will be there, as will Jeff Smith, and other folks I haven't seen in a while and am looking forward to saying hello to if they're still speaking to me. If I have time I hope to attend the Los Bros spotlight panel.

Speaking of panels, I'm on the humor panel (Saturday, 4:30, Rm 201), pretty much the only kind of panel I'm ever asked to do. I enjoy them, don't get me wrong, but I'm kind of feeling pigeonholed after doing a lot of these and I really don't know what else to say anymore ("Influences...the Direct Market isn't interested in humor even though the general public is and some of the most popular webcomics are humor ones...DC lost its smile...the death of paying anthologies and the rise of the net changed the game...I feel old and outdated and want to die...ha ha ha, blah blah blah), but Tom Spurgeon of the Comics Reporter is moderating so it should work out fine.

We'll have copies of The Eltingville Club #1 and Beasts of Burden: Hunters and Gatherers on hand, as well as a batch of Milk and Cheese hardcovers and a very limited supply of the now-vintage Beasts collection (they're on back order and didn't ship to our LCS on time). We'll also have copies of Sarah's Action Girl copies at $2 a throw (we're out of several issues and the rest are starting to go, fyi) and some HOF crafty jewelry things she's made, as well as Emily's handmade hair clip sets. I think we have a handful of Milk and Cheese buttons left, and I found two hidden-away sets of the old, self-produced '90s M&C beer mugs which we'll be bringing along (one's already been claimed). I have some new pages and pieces in the portfolios, some high ticket (for us, at least), some cheap as chips. Mad illos, M&C pages, an Eltingville two-pager, a Bill and Ted page, Hellboy: Weird Tales pages (DHC is putting a hardcover collection of that series out, fyi), the Urbs/Sims comics I did for the Electronic Arts website a ways back, and some pin-ups and odds and ends. I'll also be doing a limited number of commissions, if no one asks then they'll be severely limited.

Anyway, if you're going and are so inclined, feel free to stop on by, say hi, and give us your money until we cry.

Eltingville #1

Mug Set

Batman Roof
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One Reason Eltingville #2 Is Late
Friday, May 30th, 2014 — 6:47 pm
Crowd scenes.

con floor panel
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Eltingville Blues, Continued
Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 — 8:10 pm
Mood: terrible
Scanner busted this week, adding to the fun. But here's the inked version of the Bill Dickey pin-up for the hardcover. Which looks like it will also be late, because of my dropping the ball on issue #2. Ugh ugh ugh. This, too, shall pass.

Bill pin inks
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Eltingville Blues
Monday, May 19th, 2014 — 5:47 pm
Juggling late pages for Eltingville Club #2 with late supplementary material for the Eltingville Club collection. Late, late, late.

Bill pinup pencils
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R.I.P. Al Feldstein
Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 — 7:09 pm
Paraphrasing what I wrote on Twitter, Kurtzman was Kurtzman -- and all credit due -- but Feldstein's Mad was what I grew up on, and it was a major, major, major influence on me and a ton of other idiots. And as for the EC Horror Comics -- formulaic? Yeah. Often ripped from other sources? At times, sure. Fun-as-hell, influential, comic book awesomeness? Most definitely. I love these comics, even as I'm aware they're pulp and were often churned out and aren't the highest expression of self-expression known to the medium of comics. That's okay, I don't care, I'll take them.

I met Mr. Feldstein twice. One time was at San Diego, I think it was 2000, the last time I attended. I stood on line to have him sign a book about EC (yes, I get books signed at shows, I'm a fan). The writer of the book pointed out who I was to Feldstein, that I was a cartoonist, as if that mattered. It was kind of him, but I was embarrassed, that's on me, not anyone else. I get embarrassed. Feldstein was gracious as he signed my books and we spoke for a few seconds and I got the heck out of there because there were other fans who wanted their books signed.

The other time I met Feldstein was at a convention in New York. It was at one of the larger Big Apple shows, th National, if I remember correctly, at the Metropolitan Pavillion. Feldstein was a guest and was sitting close to where I was set up in the upstairs artist's alley. On Sunday -- which is often a slow day at shows -- there wasn't much doing and not only was business dead where I was, but also at his table. Which always floors me, when the veterans with decades of experience making influential comics sit at shows with no one in front of their tables. Anyway, I was sitting with cartoonist Christine Norrie, and we were talking, and for whatever reason, I got the idea in my head to go over to Feldstein and blather on about how Mad and EC were a huge influence, blah blah blah, and show him a copy of the most recent issue of Dork, which would show him I wasn't lying -- I was for real a humor cartoonist, influenced by Mad, blah blah blah, whoopie.

The problem was that despite what some folks might think from my work and my on-line writing and any interviews they may have heard done with me, even though I'm an opinionated motormouth I am not super-good at introducing myself to people and speaking to them, especially comics creators whose work I like to the point where I'd stand on an autograph line with one of their books. Christine told me I should go talk to him, and I kept putting it off. Eventually, I did go over. He was very, very nice, and we chatted for a short while. He gave me his card, or his card was out for anyone to take, I don't remember. I still have it, along with other business cards I keep as small mementos of my time in comics. And I gave him a copy of my comic. Which is something I almost never do, and something I immediately regretted, for reasons I won't get into, but let's assume they're all something I work on with my therapist every two weeks and move on. And I blather a bit and blah blah blah "I'm a big fan" and finally go back to my table, feeling like a moron.

And I see Feldstein putting his glasses on, and he starts reading my comic. And I feel like a moron. His face never changes. And I feel like a moron. No one comes by either of our tables, to break up the horrible moment for me. Or him. And after a little while, he comes over to my table, with my comic. And he says a few nice, general things to me about my work and gives me back the comic and there's a few more words and he goes back to his table. And I don't remember exactly what he said because I was flushed and embarrassed and the fact that he gave me the comic back made me feel horrible for some reason. Christine told me I was taking it wrong. And, like, of course, duh, what the hell does he need to keep this ridiculous, foul-mouthed small press funnybook home with him? He wasn't going to throw it out, he gave it back, he was kind, he was nice. I was mortified, I felt like I bothered him.

So, I met Al Feldstein. He seemed like a good guy. I was a fan, and I have a lot of respect for his work and contributions to funnybooks and I guess humor and the entertainment field in general. Most of us could only dream about having that kind of impact (no EC pun intended) on our pop culture, entertainment culture, culture culture. And on specific people. Years after I met him I started freelancing for Mad, a small boy's small dream come true, something that means a lot to me for a lot of reasons, one of which is because I grew up reading Mad, and the guy running the show back then was Al Feldstein. I felt badly when I read that he died, even though 88 isn't a a tragedy by any means and I assume he had a pretty darned decent life. I feel badly because we lost Al Feldstein and he was one of those folks that meant a little something to me personally and I would have gladly given him a few more years to kick around in if I had the choice to make. Like Kirby, like Elder, like a lot of folks who sat in front of drawing tables and pushed the ink around. Because I'm a fan.

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M&C Art/Stan Sakai CAPS Fundraiser
Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 — 12:07 am
I have a donated piece up for auction as part of the ongoing CAPS fundraiser benefiting Stan Sakai's family.

You can view the listing here, see the other current listings here, and read more about the fundraiser/fundraising efforts here and here.

If you've been interested in getting a M&C pin-up, this one is over-sized, would pop out nicely framed on a wall, and the money goes to a good cause, helping out some super-nice folks in the comics industry who are dealing with some a tough situation.

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This and That
Thursday, April 24th, 2014 — 4:40 pm
I had a swell time at yesterday's signing at Comic Book Jones -- I wasn't expecting to be doing much after appearing there just last month for the latest Beasts of Burden one-shot, but it turned out to be a busy six hours. I signed a lot of copies of Eltingville Club #1, a few Beasts issues and a couple of hardcovers. Sketched for some folks and will finish some the drawings I couldn't get to when I do another signing at CBJ on May 3rd as part of their Free Comic Book Day event.

Speaking of Eltingville, there's a short (but more serious than usual) interview with me about the comic at the Rhymes With Geek site.

If you picked up a copy Eltingville, you have my thanks, and I hope you enjoyed the misery-fest.

Issue #2 is running late and won't ship next month due to my streak of various minor illnesses and injuries, made worse by hitches, false starts and overall slowness. It's back under construction and I'm hoping to rope it in before too long.



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