Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

Win a Copy of " I Love You, Beth Cooper". Or Don't.

Up for grabs is a copy of Larry Doyle's debut novel, I Love You, Beth Cooper,  with cover and chapter art by Evan Dorkin, America's favorite semi-employed cartoonist.

What must one do to have me send them a free copy of this book via media mail, that cheapest and lowliest of mail options?

Simply this: Tell me what occupation I should take up instead of cartooning. I need career guidance, as this writing and drawing thing isn't working out so good. Where should someone with my skills (i.e., none) go for employment once I'm blackballed from the funnybook business?


1) Be polite, even if you wish me the worst. It's okay to wish me the worst. I'm just not looking for a barrage of insults and invective, even if I deserve them. If I want that  I can go visit my parents.
2) If I can't track you down easily enough from your comment/entry, I will likely give up on you and pick someone else, even if you are quite the classroom wit.
3) I pick the winner based on whatever the hell criteria moves me to pick the winner. 
4) If the winner wants me to sign the book, that's fine. If they don't, that's more than understandable. My signature has been scientifically proven to bring down the e-bay value of any given item. My signature has even spoiled some checks I've sent out. It's eerie.

I think that's it. This is the hardcover edition of the book, which is being released in paperback sometime next year. People really liked this book, the author is very successful and well-regarded. It's retail value is probably about what I made last year. Hence, the call for career advice.

As for the last contest held around these parts: the winner of a copy of Biff Bam Pow #1 and a One Punch Goldberg drawing was a Mr. John Fountain of Los Angeles, California. He has already received his prizes and is reportedly mildly excited at best by his good fortune. Now you can join him in the winner's circle by entering this latest H.O.F giveaway. Or, be a real winner, and stop reading this blog and walk away from comics forever. I just might join you in that. But first -- we contest!

Few will enter. Fewer will win.

You may begin entering...now.
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