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Mad #500 has hit the stands, and they've apparently crammed in as many contributors as the page count would allow. Sarah and I did a small spot illustration for it, a Star Trek movie audience. The jokes are on the screen, typeset, so, the image is pretty incidental, but I tried to get some visual gags in there. A small bit, but I'm glad to have been in the final monthly issue. Hopefully we'll get another call to contribute sometime down the road, I like working for Mad, and it's a kick to be in a magazine I grew up with.

I will be appearing at Comic Book Jones on Free Comic Book Day, which is Saturday, May 2nd. Check the link for other guests and information on the signing. I hope to have color copies from beasts of Burden #1 to show folks. If not, I'll be doing the usual, signing, sketching, kvetching.

I'm working on a pin-up for a Futurama/Simpsons crossover collection forthcoming from Bongo. I looked for an official Bongo website and couldn't find one. Is that for real --? Or am I dosed with stupidity --? Anyway, once I'm done with it, I will start scripting a 15-pager for the Simpsons Treehouse of Terror, then I wrap up the last script for the Beasts of Burden mini-series, then I'll be drawing the Treehouse story, and all the while it looks like we'll have some tv stuff to juggle in there. And another gag for Nick Mag, and a few new Fun strips to keep my hand in that sort of thing. And some other stuff, a one-shot comic book gig I can't talk about yet, but the contract was signed, so it should get done, and it should be a pip.

Speaking of stuff, the purge of our stuff stuffing up the House of Fun continues, we have an auction up on e-bay for a rare Robert Tonner Lois Lane porcelain doll, if anyone is interested. We should be placing more art and items up for auction in the near future, when and if time allows.

Otherwise, I've been fairly obsessed with Oscar Levant as of late, but reading his books and reading about him has been kind of depressing. Poor Oscar. What a brilliant disaster.

Back to work.

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