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The Good News: DeStefano & Dorkin Do Plastic Man For Wednesday Comics

The Bad News - it won't run. 

Stephen DeStefano and I knew going in the strip would likely not see print.  Wednesday Comics editor Mark Chiarello had asked Stephen to work on a Plastic Man one-pager as a back-up in case any of the regular strips fell behind schedule. Stephen suggested hiring me to write it, which I ended up doing (Stephen and I haven't worked together in ages, iiirc, since Welcome to Eltingville. Sheesh!).

We were asked to keep mum, but today in an interview on Comic Book Resources, Chiarello mentions the Plastic Man strip, and that it is not going to be needed. So, I can talk about it. The fact that the schedule is intact on Wednesday Comics is good news for the readers, but I'll admit it's a bit of disappointment for me. I really wanted to see the strip in print, large, on newsprint, old school. I was thinking of kneecapping Paul Pope or having Jimmy Palmiotti held captive for a week, but I couldn't afford any minions and I'm too chickenshit to pull that kind of crap myself.

When WC was first announced I'll admit I was jealous of whoever would be tapped, the idea of working in that format is so damned attractive and not something within my means. I'd love to draw that large, and cram story in, and color, and really work with the old strip format and have it to hold it in my hands. I knew that was impossible, I'm not a go-to DC guy, or superhero guy, or major project guy and all that. Pipe dream. So, it was pretty damned surprising to get a call from Chiarello regarding the gig. Working on Wednesday Comics. Working with Stephen. And on Plastic Man, as an extra bonus. Cripes. The only catch -- it probably wouldn't run in Wednesday Comics. And now it won't. Oh, well.

Anyway, you can see a panel from the strip here at Comic Book Resources (it follows the interview with Brian Azzarello on his Wed Comics Batman storyline). This being the era of archival reprints with extras and the internet, I'm sure the strip will pop up somewhere in some format at some point in time. It isn't the most earth-shattering comic you've (n)ever seen, but I think it's fun, and I hope folks like it when and if it gets out there to readers.

There's a possibility, of course, of a second Wednesday Comics run, and Chiarello says in the interview he'd like to use the strip if that happens. So, you never know. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Which impairs my drawing, but what the hell.

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