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A Little More TCAF Before Heading Out To CCS

Here's a photo of a TCAF sketch I drew of the HOF's favorite Archie character:


Here's a short interview I did for The National Post pre-TCAF. It has a joke or two.

A photo of me from the show. A photo of Sarah and I from the show where I seem to be thinking, "Can you believe a schmuck like me got a swell gal like this?". I look really goofy here but for some reason it doesn't bother me like it usually does. I still really don't like having my picture tkane, makes me uncomfortable.

Here's a link to D&Q's photos from the event, which includes a picture of me and Dan Clowes looking completely miscast as Kaspar Gutman and Wilmer Cook in a local Toronto production of The Maltese Falcon. The photo where Dan Clowes is writing with his back turned to the table appears to be him drawing a sketch for Emily's book. Oh, yeah. Maybe I'll scan and post the drawings we were very lucky to get for her at TCAF. I don't think I've posted any of the ones we have from the past few years, in fact.

You can listen to the panel I was on with Seth, Jeet Heer and Dan Nadel here. There are a number of audio files from the weekend's events, the one I'm sorry I missed and am hoping to listen to while drawing is the panel featuring Clowes, Sturm, Brown, Seth and Woodring. There's a lineup for you.

I am still reeling from TCAF and experiencing some bad stomach problems, to boot. Stressing out completely because I will be giving the commencement speech this weekend at the Center For Cartoon Studies and the speech, as it stands, is a train wreck. Might have to wing some of it. I believe several of the CCS events related to the graduation ceremonies are open to the public, so, if you're in the area, drop by and say hi, look at the thesis work and talk comics with the folks.

I'm looking forward to the event, despite the anxiety and the bad timing, I've always wanted to see the school. I'll also get to meet Jason Week, the student who I've been a thesis advisor for these past two semesters. Also really looking forward to seeing White River Junction. Just wish I had my act together, and wasn't so nervous. Also, losing a lot of work time on the Bongo Treehouse pencils and the Hellboy crossover script., Gonna be a tough bunch of weeks after I get back, these events crunched the schedule even more  than I'd imagined, and I was imagining a lot, for once. And Heroes Con is weeks away...oy, vey...

Somewhat related, we're going to be putting up some more stuff on e-Bay asap to try and cover our June shortfall/cash flowus interruptus, so be on the lookout, gang. Possibly putting up the last of the HOF Zippo prototypes and some pages I haven't made available before (Devil Puppet, Murder Family, rough designs and artwork done for Welcome to Eltingville and Yo Gabba Gabba), along with some comic-type books from the collection (I have two copies of the Toth By Design book, so, yeah, maybe I should sell one now).

Okay, over and out, probably for a few days. Or not.

See ya!
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