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News Flash USA: Beasts of Burden - Wednesday Comics - CCS

Received my comp copies of the Wednesday Comics collection from DC earlier today, which features the one-page Plastic Man file strip I wrote and the great Stephen DeStefano drew. I think the strip looks nifty. The collection is big, nicely put-together, people should like it., Except for the gripesters. . 

Even more exciting -- for me, at least -- Scott Allie at Dark Horse Comics let us know via Twitter than he's received copies of the Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites hardcover collection today. So, we probably will have a copy or two to show off at Heroes Con in early June. Sweet action! Wish I had one in my hands right now, I cannot wait to see the damned thing already. I know Jill's chomping at the bit as well. Can't get here fast enough...

My  trip to the Center For Cartoon Studies was amazing, I was extremely nervous about the commencement speech, especially after I decided to toss most of it out and wing a lot of it after hanging out with some of the graduating class the night before. Apparently whatever I ended up saying went over alright. I got an honorary diploma - or at least a copy of the 2010 diploma with my name on it -- which was designed and drawn by the great Michael Kupperman. It's a beautiful-looking piece and I geeked out when they gave it to me. Met Jason Lutes, spoke all-too briefly to Steven Bissette (who I haven't seen since "the nightmare incident" that took place after the I.C.E show in Chicago many moons ago), briefly met Alison Bechdel bfefore I sat down to sign copies of Circling the Drain which the CCS provided for the graduating class. Had a really good burger and some great conversation after the thesis event, drove home that afternoon instead of the following morning because I missed my family. I've rarely been treated so nicely and so well and I want to thank James Sturm, Robyn Chapman and Michelle Ollie at CCS for a wonderful time. Congratulations to the 2010 graduating class, and special congrats to Jason Week, the student I was advisor to .

I'll likely write about CCS in more detail if time allows. Sarah just told me there are pictures from the day's events posted on the CCS website, and some folks taped the commencement so perhaps that might end up online as well. TCAF and CCS have been two great personal experiences for a number of reasons -- a one-two punch that has made me feel like an honest-to-gosh professional cartoonist of some merit for the first time in ages -- but my work schedule has been crippled and I have to catch up on the Hellboy/Beasts of Burden script and 10 pages of pencils for Bongo or I'm a dead freelancer. So, I gotta get me some work done and quit blathering on the internet.

But before I go -- belated thanks to Deb Aoki for the awesome snacks at TCAF! How the hell could I forget that? Snacks are important! Next time, Deb, ask me for a sketch or something as a way of saying thanks!
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