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Not Really A Heroes Con Report, Really...

Heroes Con was a fantastic time that I would not take back but three comic events in roughly a month, two of which involved the family, has proven to be not quite the awesome idea I thought it would be back when I agreed to attend them. Work and schedule has suffered something fierce (I had no idea I'd be working on a Hellboy/Beasts of Burden script when I signed up) mail is piled up, business is backed up, we're overwhelmed.  I'm late on two deadlines, both of which are keeping me chained to the board and up at night (morning) when I finally do crash. Compulsive drawing is battling late deadlines while non-confident writing grapples with harsh financial reality.  Or something like that.

I have so much I could talk about concerning Heroes that I'm not going to even try, because I know myself, and I'll turn an anecdote or two into a full-blown con report with links to the various nonsense I've been spewing from Toronto to Vermont to North Carolina these past several weeks. Name-dropping would get sickening, enthusiasm for the comics medium nauseating, condemnation of the comics industry redundant and tiresome (even I'm sick of hearing me talk about comics, and I barely listen to what I say), apologies for my talking too much at panels would just lead to more talk. I've said a lot lately, too much, perhaps, and need to shut up and grind some of my nose down and get some work done.

Okay, but keeping it quick: I will say that Jill and I could have sold a couple of boxes of the Beasts of Burden hardcover if we had them, and signing that big-ass Wednesday Comics is incredibly satisfying, even if I have only one piddling page of script in it. A hefty boy, that book. Thanks to Kirk for picking up the original art, that really helped us out at the table (and thanks to your mom for the patterns she gave Sarah). And thanks to Richard Thompson and Roger Langridge for the swell drawings in Emily's sketchbook. We bought very little at the show, but we did pick up the second Cul De Sac collection and an Alice tote bag for the family. More thanks: R. Stevens for the stuff, the folks who had to endure my mouth during the superhero panel (sorry, I'll have better meds next time and talk less -- or just stop doing panels that aren't about my projects so someone else in comics can get a word in. Honestly.), the folks who endured my mouth during the shmoozing portions of the show, the folks I yelled at during the auction (why I thought that would be funny, only my lizard brain knows), Tom Spurgeon for the fun panel with me and Jill, whoever played the Buzzcocks and the Clash at the Penguin Diner, and everyone I forgot because I have to end this or I'm doing a goddamned report and that, borthers and sisters, would take me a looong time. So thanks, thanks, thanks, for the comics people gave us, the business, the kind words, the commissions, the everything.

And thanks to Dustin Harbin and Shelton Drum for having us at their most excellent show.  Hope we can do it again in the future.

And thanks to our car. It made it and now can rest, having only to cope with the craters of Satan Island from here on in, for quite some time, as we don't plan to do any shows for some time (outside of possibly waltzing around NYCC as layabout professionals without a table). That may change, you never know when a crazy offer might crop up, but I'm not counting on anything and our schedule's a mess already. We really just need to stay home and make stuff.

Besides the show, it was great seeing our friends Wade and Cate and Tess at the show, and Dusty and Vivien on the way home. Emily certainly had a blast. Sorry everything was so whirlwind. Our glamorous, hectic lives, y'know.

Oh -- before I forget -- re: Beasts, the feedback from folks at the show was heartening and most welcome, and I hope it bodes well for the collection having some life past the initial first week sales. We're a little unsure if the hardcover ships this week or the next, but apparently it ships on one of these dates, so keep your eyes and wallets open.

With that, I'm off to the drawing table to off some more Simpsons characters. I've got about 91 of them on the pages, still trying to reach 100 before the end. Yeah, I'm stupid that way, and the pages would go faster if I scaled back, but it's a one-time chance to really let loose, so I'm taking it, despite my sorta wishing I hadn't. Just wish the Hellboy script wasn't breathing down my neck...whispering, "you were supposed to finish me weeks ago, stupid".  My neck is nervous enough as it is.

Goodnight, all.
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