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In shops today: BILL AND TED’S EXCELLENT COMIC BOOK ARCHIVE from BOOM! studios. The book collects the Bogus Journey movie adaptation and all 11 issues of the series  that I wrote and penciled for Marvel in the early 90′s. Inkers on the series were Marie Severin, Stephen DeSefano and, for one page, David Mazzucchelli. There was one issue that had multiple inkers lending a hand, including Jimmy Palmiotti. I inked the final two pages. That's all the inking trivia I can remember offhand. Robbie Busch handled almost all of the coloring, lettering was by Kurt Hathaway and Tom Orzechowski. The book's extras include penciled and inked pages, pin-ups, and some other art related to the run. They've also included the covers from the Marvel run as well as the original letters pages. 368 pgs in total, all in color, and in hardcover. Non-heinous.

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January 30 2016, 19:13:26 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  January 30 2016, 19:25:44 UTC

Fantastic collection. I can't believe they included the letters columns even! I always wanted someone to do that. (I would wish the upcoming Groo reprints to do the same) So nice to see this in colour on nice paper after all these years.* Well done, Boom. (And you, of course.)

*OCD nitpick: wish it was slightly taller to match the DH books...

Next: The Eltingville beast HC

Wow. This has been the year of Evan Dorkin reprints including the surprise Deadpool Fight Man and World's Funnest TPBs... Could a nice PC$/HP hardcover be not too far away? With the original/remastered colour too for PC$?