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Latest HOF This And That

We just finished up another rewrite for the Shin Chan series. No word if we're being sent any further episodes to work on.

Also finished up a series of spot illos for Mad #476. Advertising characters. Some vomit. I seem to be a go-to guy for vomit. Oh, wait, I added the vomit. Even I go to me for vomit.

Almost done with a page of seven new Fun strips for Dose #1. I know, I thought I pledged to go on a Fun strip hiatus after Dork #11. I don't listen to me.

The chapter heading illustrations we're doing for "I Love You, Beth Cooper" (Larry Doyle's novel due from Harper Collins Ecco imprint this May)  should be done this weekend.  We've got 19 of 24 pieces more or less finished. Hit some snags which extended the deadline, but at least we weren't the cause of the problem. That's always good. I hate being the problem. Like with the Negative Burn M&C strip that's very late. Ugh.   

Looks like we're re-soliciting Biff Bam Pow #1 for June from SLG/Amaze Ink. Unfortunately, due to market conditions/realities, the book won't be in color as originally planned back when Emily's birth put a killer dent in our schedule. I'm disappointed, but it'll look fine and we'll lose less money, so la di da. It was Dan Vado's idea to put it out in color  in the first place, not ours, so I'm not losing any sleep over it. And it'll cost you kids fifty cents less than originally solicited, so, la di da part two. I think it's going to be a fun book, and it's practically finished. Maybe we can do something in color sometime down the line when the direct market eases up on non-big 2 crossover events. Uh, yeah, sure.

Speaking of which: The latest Previews came out yesterday, SLG is re-offering Dork #10 and the 2nd Hectic Planet trade. Please, no need to run, everyone stay calm.

I have a bad feeling about the status of the Adult Swim pilot. Hopefully it's just my nerves.

The Badger paper toy Sarah and I designed is in production. These will be ridiculously limited, if anyone cares. More when we know more.

I have recently signed an anti-exclusive contract with both Marvel and DC. This agreement prevents me from working for either company for another year. As compensation for staying away and leaving them alone, DC gave me a Wonder Woman datebook (Sarah noticed yesterday that it was for 2005), and Marvel gave me a booklet of McDonald's coupons worth $5 (unfortunately, the best one -- for McGriddles -- was torn out). Still, that's more than I got last year.

Sarah's doing color revisions on the Milk and Cheese vinyls this weekend. They'll come out one day. No, really.

We're doing a job for Nickelodeon Magazine later this month. It will be in 3-D.  I find this exciting.

Couldn't sleep last night. Drew a few more monsters. Sarah put a tag on the posted images so folks can see them all grouped together. Dunno if it's enabled yet. I'm learning all this stuff in baby steps. very tired, slow baby steps. Crawls, more like it. At least I know how to scan stuff now, pretty much.

Not that you can tell from their website, but Sarah and I will be attending the New York Comic Con this February.  I think it's the 23rd or so. Some weekend coming up. We'll be hunkered down at the SLG booth, with a group of other SLG-affiliated creators who aren't listed anywhere on the NYCC site. Really, someone at NYCC should take a cue from SDCC and offer up a comprehensive listing of attending professional attendees, not just lists of the official guests and the artist alley table holders. It's common sense PR, pumps up the guest list, offers more enticement for the fans, helps the fans and the professionals find one another. Last year more than a few folks stopping by the SLG table told us they didn't know we'd be at the show. I saw a lot of people signing at booths that I had seen no information on at the website. There is additional (albeit incomplete)  information under the "autographs" listing on the site, which has details for some publishers and exhibitors and who will be appearing at their booths. Anyway, we'll be at the SLG tables, look for the monster lines for Jhonen Vasquez, who I believe will be making his first NYC show appearance.  I plan on bringing some new art to sell, hopefully some new M&C pin-ups, maybe we'll have some sort of M&C vinyl prototypes to show off or something. Stop by, say hi, get a clunky free sketch (bring a pad). Or don't. Less wear and tear on me.

More stuff later.

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