Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

I Love You, Beth Cooper

This is the cover illustration I did for  I Love You, Beth Cooper , a novel by Larry Doyle (former Spy editor , former writer for The Simpsons, current New Yorker contributer). I also --with computer assistance from Sarah -- did 24 chapter drawings of the main character, who suffers a series of injuries and emotional upheavals during an extremely hellish post-graduation evening.

Galleycat ran a piece on how I got the job (and who the first choice was for the gig). It will be very weird to see my art in a legit bookstore, on the legit fiction shelves. This is the kind of project I never expected to work on, because, well, I don't have much cache when it comes to these sort of jobs, and I have no track record or portfolio. And, well, I do vomit gags, y'know? Then again, Ivan Brunetti did a New Yorker cover. Not that I'm holding my breath for my dream cover gig of a homeless guy barfing on Eustice Tilley.

Anyway, I did a real-type book cover drawing. Mom will be so proud of me. I think.


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