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Tomorrow finds the H.O.F. at the modern hellhole known as the Jacob Javitz Center, for the much-anticipated and feared New York Comic Con. We'll be bunkered down at the SLG booth keeping ourselves busy. I'll be flying solo on Saturday, but the Sarah and Emily Connection returns to tag-team action on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. 

I'll be selling artwork (well, I'll be trying to sell artwork) including a few new color Milk and Cheese pin-ups, comic pages we haven't offered for sale before, and two Monster drawings I did for the hell of it to see what would happen:

Anyway, if you need a copy of Dork #11, or want a copy of Dork #11 signed, or want to browse through the art I'll have for sale (I'll have the usual pile of roughs and layouts for sale, with prices starting at the low, low price of twenty five cents -- yes, a single thin quarter, folks, the greatest little bargain on the floor. Unless you hate my artwork.) or just shoot the breeze about whatever, feel free to stop by the table.

We hope to see some of you H.O.F. faithful at the show. Thanks in advance.


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