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Sky Is Falling Part 2

Monday seemed to be a bad day all-around. I had to turn NPR off, too much fucking misery today. I think I need to go on another news hiatus, I don't know what knowing every little thing about school shootings and increased international death tolls can do for me right now other than increase my prescription intake. And HIP just upped the co-pay on one of my scrips, the bastards. I can feel helpless and angry without the news for a little while, I think.

Anyway, I hope the seemingly endless rain didn't cause any of you too many headaches. The tri-state area's a mess. Fires in Hoboken, house floods, cars stuck, roads shut down, schools shut down, evacuations, subways flooded, trains canceled. Cripes.

We're dealing with the roof/ceiling thing again, ourselves. We had the roof worked on (for the third time) several weeks ago. Seemed to take, but we weren't sure so we didn't have the studio ceiling re-plastered until we knew. Seven buckets, three more ceiling section collapses latrer, we knew. I was working on the Mad spread when the bigger ceiling chunks came down, scared the everything out of me. Basement flooded some as well, but nothing ruined. I figure we got off lucky, considering. The ceiling and roof were already an issue so it's just back to square one.Later on, Sarah was putting some plaster washers in the ceiling to shore them up (as with computers, I am useless at the supposedly manly art of home repair), and a section of plaster fell on her head. She wasn't hurt badly, but she's bruised up and headachy. I feel only slightly awful for her and useless as a husband and father. I blame my parents. I really do.

We got some extra time on the Mad gig, so I can spend tomorrow (today) cleaning up plaster and clearing the office up and out. I'd already pulled a lot of my stuff out of there after the last event, hauled about twenty boxes of graphic novels out, superfluous reference and art supplies and my vinyl figures and crap. The Dose gag strip page went out the other day. The children's show job is finished, Sarah sent the files out a little while ago while I was asleep, I crashed around 5 pm. We're going to try to rest up and clean up and dive back in on the Mad stuff. We have to catch up on other stuff asap, the Milk and Cheese vinyl set box needs to be designed, I still have a Bongo script, two contracts sitting under plaster that need to be dealt with, car repairs, garage door repairs, roof repairs, hot water heater repairs...I can't even get too upset, these are just tiresome trifles. We're safe and the baby's happy, that's all that matters. As long as we never get on the news, that's all I ask.

I'm going back to sleep. Fun time back again soon, I assure you.

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