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Free Comic Book Day This Saturday

It is this Saturday, right? I believe it is. 

Anyway. Yeah. Free Comic Book Day. The day better retailers make some money and bewildered publishers lose some money in an attempt to entice the washed faithless into joining the unwashed faithful.

I guess I really shouldn't rain on the big parade, I like certain aspects of FCBD, it's a party, and the fans seem to love it, and fun is fun, right? Even if it kind of feels a bit like an industry-wide pleading for love and acceptance. I just don't like to see comics grovel.  "Hey, everybody, Saturday is Free Music Day! Hey, folks, check out the free music! Ever heard music before? No? Well, here's a free song for ya! Please, please, oh please come back if you enjoy it!"

Anyway. Crankiness aside, the fine folks at Bongo are once again putting out a free Simpsons comic for the event, which will reprint a 12-page Bart Simpson strip I wrote called, "Spree For All". Since I know most of you reading this don't follow my non-HOF comics work, here's a chance to see what I do for a living cheap. That is, if your local shop ordered FCBD books, and the Bongo book in particular. And you have a local comic shop.

What an industry.

The only thing sadder than comics is the fact that I deserve to be in comics.

Happy FCBD, everyone! No, really, I mean it! No, honest --!

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