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I Yam What I Yam

And what I yam is pretty friggin' excited. This is probably old news for many folks, and others won't give a rip, but Sarah just hepped me to the news that there will finally be an official DVD release of the Fleischer Studios Popeye cartoons. May I geek out and type, "yay"? Yay.

Many folks thought this would never happen, as there was some sort of biblical-style wrangling and teeth gnashing between King Features and Warner Bros or whoever the hell for whatever the fuck reasons. Whatever. Basically: First 60 Fleischer Popeye cartoons, restored, with commentary you might enjoy but I probably won't listen to, especially whatever the hell John K. wants to bitch about. Apparently the SInbad and Ali Baba extended shorts are in the mix, crazy 3-D tabletop model backgrounds and all.

I don't want to hear a single, goddamned thing about how the cartoons aren't the Segar comics, or they're not as good, or any of that useless gum-flapping. Yeah, they ain't the comics. Duh. Keen observation. They're adaptations, and an adaptation doesn't negate, replace or change one damned thing about the original work. So lighten up, Frances. The strip is genius, the cartoons are terrific, and it's a great time to be a Popeye geek because the strip and the animation are both being re-released in style.

Oh, and it turns out the DVD packaging artwork is taken from licensing artwork done a while back by the great Stephen DeStefano. Triple geek score.

Someone's also releasing Woody Woodpecker stuff, FYI. I used to be big fan as a less discerning kid, can't say I'm spinning in my chair over this, although I have a fondness for the character, and enjoy the early shorts where's he's just a chaotic, bandy-legged dipshit fucking with people for no reason. There's a bit of business in a baseball short where he uses a doofus' buck teeth to open a bottle of pop which will stay with me to the grave. The bit is funny in and of itself, but the follow-up is killer, the doofus doesn't react, and the cap just falls away from his teeth. Timed our just right. Kills me. And irrc, the Woodpecker says, "Oh boyoboyoboy, sodey pop!" after he steals a crate of the stuff. Huh. I might need that DVD after all, just for the pop bottle business.

I am itchy to see the Disney Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoons, I have no idea if they're any good, but as a kid I was fascinated with the character after reading about him in some old infamously error-riddled book on Disney that I had as a kid. I thought he looked great, and the idea that no one was showing these things intrigued me. Anyway, Disney swapped something to somebody for the Oswald rights, which Walt Disney lost a loooong time ago. They're releasing them on DVD, I'm pretty curious. 

Hey, I just got my cartoon geek on, longer than expected. I used to want to be an animator, if anyone cares. Stopped reading comics and concentrated on following animation and animators. Studied it in NYC. Didn't become an animator. Won't get into all that.

Back to the day job.

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