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Final Reminder

Tomorrow evening is the Beth Cooper signing/conversation/reading/whatever-the-hell thing in NYC.

I don't send mass e-mails out to friends or family, what's left of them, so if none of you show up, then it's a big fat fucking zilch for the home town boy. Which is fine, I don't care.

Sure I don't.

The good thing is, if no one shows up, it's not my book. I can go slink away to the Paul Frank shop or get something to eat and no one would notice.

Did I mention it's free?

I'll sign other stuff I worked on, too. I've been told they might have some of my work for sale. They don't normally carry any of my work, but tomorrow night, for about two hours or so, they might. Then they will return it all. I'm sure you can bring along a copy of The Mask #3 or Epic Lite #1 or something, they seem very nice and polite there, I bet they won't complain if you want something signed that you already purchased elsewhere. I passed by the store on the way to the book release party earlier tonight and it's a very nice bookshop. Really, it is. Very inviting. Professional. Cleanest place I'll ever do a signing in, that's for sure.

I could always sign your copy of Dick Wad outside the store afterward.

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