Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

The Last Round-Up (Pre-TCAF)

On the Nick Mag Journal, you can see examples of my layouts for a Fairly Oddparents comic strip from the latest Nick Mag Presents "All-Animal" Special. There's a progression of a panel's development from script , to layout, to pencils, inks colors and lettering. Plus four pages of my layouts and how they ended up looking as finished pages in the printed strip. I enjoyed working on these layouts for Chris and Dave at Nick mag, more than I expected to, to be honest. Gigs like that work a different set of cartooning muscles, and despite the level of violence and alcohol abuse in many of my strips, I really do like working for the younger set.

Print Magazine article on Yo Gabba Gabba! There seems to be a real groundswell of press bubbling up for the show, which premieres on the 20th on both Nick Jr and Noggin. Sarah and I finished up the work on the last Super Martian Robot Girl segment on Monday, and are still recovering from post-gig free-float anxiety/exhaustion. I'll miss working on the shorts and definitely hope they ask us back for the second season (if there is one). It was very cool indeed to be a (small) part of the YGG team. I hope the show goes over like crazy for Christian and his partner and crew.

TCAF floor plan (scroll down a bit below the announcements) and events are all locked in and all things are go for the event. We're not ready for the Festival, of course, but sometime Friday we're heading out for Toronto, whatever our state of preparation happens to be. Our first panel in ages is on Sunday. Apparently Chris Butcher will not be moderating the panel, owing to a sudden bout of common sense. Apparently some troublemaker going by the name of "Chip Zdarsky" will be moderating the discussion. This man worries me. We should make him talk to Emily for the entire hour. She'd make more sense than I would, probably.

Here is the skinny on whatever it is that ends up taking place this Sunday. Please come see us, won't you?

1pm: Spotlight on Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer
TCAF Guests of Honour Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer have never done a comics event in Toronto before, and we’re happy to have them here! TCAF Festival Co-Director Christopher Butcher will interview Evan and Sarah about their long and varied careers in comics and animation, how the birth of their daughter Emily (who will be appearing on her first panel ever!) has affected their work, and what’s around the corner for their fan-favourite series!

Finally, for Your Listening Pleasure, Comics Radar has posted a podcast interview with my publisher and friend, SLG head honcho/potential suicide or heart attack victim Dan Vado. I haven't listened to it yet. I bet he's cranky. At least I hope so.

This might be goodbye until TCAF, unless something interesting happens or I'm really, really bored while packing for the trip. If I don't type to you before we leave, have a nice weekend, be sure to eat and dress sensibly, and be good to your mother. Unless she's a roaring bitch hag who deserves the worst you can dish out without going to jail for it.


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