Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

Emily's First Concert

The Aquabats, @B.B Kings, NYC. Thursday, August 23rd 2007.

We didn't plan to take Emily to a nightclub last evening, or, like, ever. But that's what ended up happening after our get-together with Christian Jacobs (MC Bat Commander) to go over some Yo Gabba Gabba stuff and talk about some other things and catch up, blah blah blah. Anyway, Christian's meeting got pushed back to later in the afternoon, we ended up getting together later than expected, and we ended up using the dressing room at the venue to sit and talk. Emily got to see some new YGG episodes on Christian's laptop, which made her very happy. And we met Greg Hawkes, the keyboardist for the Cars, which was pretty cool, as The Cars (w/Nick Lowe) was my first concert (Brendan Byrne Arena, NJ...jeez, about 26 years ago --? Iirc Sarah's first show was Devo, btw). His son Ian was sporting a 'Bats shirt and carrying a Rey Mysterio luchadore mask. (Greg Hawkes' first concert: The Beatles. Christian's: Oingo Boingo). 

We didn't expect to stick around for the show, honest, but things kept happening and we got to eat some food and drink some pop (I know, some wild backstage rock and roll lifestyle) and before we knew it the 'Bats were going on and Christian asked us to stay to watch the new intro video they had done -- if Emily was amenable. We weren't sure if Emily would/could handle the noise and crowd and lights and whatever, even from the safety of the comfy VIP night-clubby booth they let us sit at behind some Nickelodeon employees or producers or whatever they were. Anyway, we ended up staying for the entire show, which was a blast (I was very happy to see them do CD Repo Man), and extra-fun because Em was dancing and shouting "Aquabats" at the end of each song and was hilarious to watch. We asked her several times if she wanted to leave, but she insisted she wanted to stay, and we didn't argue with her. We don't keep her up late too often, and we don't plan on dragging her to any more clubs (well, unless the Electric Six invites us all to a show because we're so friggin' awesome), and we all had a great time. My first show in a long while, Sarah's first in years, Emily's first ever. She was still talking about it this morning, and slept fine last night with no after-effects that we can see (other than the missing tooth and the drawn-on mustache).

Something bad has to happen soon because we actually had fun and a smidgen of a social life between TCAF and the 'Bats concert.

Keep watching the skies...
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