Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

Disney Adventures R.I.P.

Keep meaning to note the passing of Disney Adventures magazine, which Sarah and I contributed to back in the 90's.  We did the Kid Blastoff material for them, an early opportunity to work in color, and to work for a larger audience. Much larger for sure, than direct market comics. If I recall correctly, Marv Wolfman had something to do with hiring us, because of the Bill and Ted material, Heidi MacDonald may have also been involved in bringing us on board, and she edited the section and worked with us while we did the actual strips. It was a lot of fun, and while I have to say I preferred the Nickelodeon magazine approach and aesthetic in regards to comics and whatnot, I'm sorry to see DA go. It was s consistent source of kid's comics, and a million kids still, from what I've read, were reading the magazine at the time it was canceled (ad revenue woes, supposedly, did it in). A million or so kids losing their comics fix just kind of sucks. Maybe they'll switch to Nick or Mad Kids or manga. Or tv or video games or the computer. Or nothing.

I've seen some pretty pointless huffing and puffing on the TCJ message boards (I know, I said I'd quit reading it, I'm stupid and bored) about the publication and it's merits, or lack thereof, and place in the industry and medium, blah blah blah. I can't relate to the rancor expressed by a few of those folks.  We own the work we did, we had fun, we supported ourselves for a while on the page rates, and to this day we still get young folks coming up to our table telling us KB was the first work of ours they ever read, how they remember it fondly, it helped get them interested in comics, etc. I'm sure Jeff Smith hears this about the Bone reprints that ran in DA, only multiplied at least fifty-fold. DA printed a lot of non-Disney comics, supported a lot of small press folks to this day (several of whom do comics for SLG), all the crabbing of bitter internet comic book experts won't change that. I have my problems with the Disney machine, and Disney is a company, as far as film/tv production goes, that we've actually run from when even a slight opportunity of employment arose. But DA did what it could when it could, and got comics to kids, and it wasn't all Goof Troop. And who the hell cares if it was Goof Troop, if the kids enjoyed it and likely traced the drawings off and maybe made their own comics? Licensed kiddie comics are hardly anything new, fer chrissakes, and it's not like the classic kid's entertainment weren't produced with a healthy amount of cynicism and crassness, and the desire to sell merchandise and related crap. Is it worse now, sure. It wasn't all well wishes "then" either.  Of all the things to bitch about with any real heat. Get a grip, people. Bitching about Disney Adventures and verbally dancing on the grave, you're tilting at pinwheels. Go write a thesis paper on why Barney or Blue's Clues sucks while you're at it. Cripes. 

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