Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

Arrival and Departure

The Milk and Cheese vinyl toys have arrived safely at SLG headquarters.

So now listen up. We need to get these boxes the hell out of the warehouse. Meaning, if you are thinking of buying a set of figures, stop thinking, stop thinking immediately, and just do it. Feel, don't think. Spend, don't think. Be an American. Spend money you don't have on something cool you don't need. It's only money. You'll make more. I assure you, you will.  But we might not make more of these Chinese-produced plastic hate effigies. Really, now, what would you rather be  -- safe, sane and sad, or devil-may-carefree and (momentarily) happy? Think about it. No wait, don't think, stop, just do it!


Biff Bam Pow #1 has been sent off to SLG HQ, presumably to be sent to Quebecor at some point in the near future to be printed, published and "distributed". For what was (is, will be --?) a fun little soap bubble of a comic project, BBP sure took forever to get done.


I now find myself with no solo comic in progress. Zounds. Which one will the next one to be juggled, cajoled along and mishandled for several years--? Milk and Cheese #8? (about one third finished) Eltingville #1? (three pages and a cover done) Dork #12? (one page possibly available) Biff Bam Pow #2 ?(some things I can reprint, dunno how many pages they'd cover). Hectic Planet #7 (several possible plots, no possible way) Some other thing from the files? (???) None of the above? (very likely) The suspense mounts like a dead equestrian.

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