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In (Some) Stores Tomorrow: Biff Bam Pow! #1

After numerous false starts and delays, Biff Bam Pow #1 finally hits store shelves tomorrow wherever funner comics are sold.

BBP is basically Sarah and I putting together an old school sort of comic, with a few humorous superhero adventure stories and gag strips aimed at whoever in the comics audience still likes that sort of thing (insert joke/insult about horrible sales here). The comic reprints a couple of one and two-page magazine strips we did for Nickelodeon and Riot (the latter being a failed launch from a few years ago), and two new, longer strips -- a Kid Blastoff eight-pager (KB was first seen in Disney Adventures in the 90's, we brought him back despite the lack of popular demand), and a fifteen-page One Punch Goldberg strip (she's the boxer on the cover). I think of BBP as a "most-ages" comic, as opposed to "all-ages", because there's a "hell" in there somewhere, and someone says "crap". Innocuous stuff, but one never knows, do one?

Superheroes, giant monsters, monkey entrepreneurs, gorilla mobsters, sibling rivalry, robots, riots, along with a bit of the old biff, bam and pow. It's all waiting for you tomorrow. We suggest you read it while enjoying a nice, cold sodey pop. 

Thanks for your time and attention, we hope you enjoy our little comic book.
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