Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

Behold -- The Incredible Tangent!

Who is The Incredible Tangent? Why, I am, according to this interview clip now up on the Instant Talk Show site (click on the "comic-conned" video link in the lower left hand corner). Host Nick Scoullar (some of you may recall him as the main host of the Anti-Gravity Room,  which aired on the Sci-Fi Channel and YTV about a decade ago) interviewed me at the New York Comic Con last February, along with several actual successful comic book and film people, some con workers in stupid costumes, and a Javitz Center employee. I, in the seventh-billed role of the Incredible Tangent, appear in the final interview segment. I talk the fastest and answer the least amount of questions in a straightforward manner, so I am the clear winner of the idiot award. Look for my obscure old time radio pop culture references and the return of the popular nervousness-fueled shaking leg.

Also, I chimed in on the previous post's comments section re: art sales and whatnot, for those who asked and are interested. Basically, the new art list has been sitting since after TCAF because Sarah's been overwhelmed with work and motherly duties and I'm incapable of working a web page even when I'm not working or helping out with the dadderly duties.

I could always just post the list here as a stop-gap if anyone's interested or folks can request the raw list via e-mail if they don't wish to wait for us to update the page. There's some new pages and pieces, new prices on some old stuff, a few pieces have sold, and we're selling the production "cels" from a bunch of our pre-digital jobs, comic and CD covers and pin-ups which Sarah painted in the style of animation cels (the originals being shot on acetate and painted on the flip side). They sold rather well at TCAF so we've added more of them to the list that we haven't, uh, updated.

Look, it's a House of Fun, alright? Not a House of Efficiency. I blame the baby. She knows even less than I do about computers. For the time being.

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