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H.O.F. Odds And Ends

"Scaredy Dog" was a back-up strip for "Where's it at, Sugar Kat", the follow-up to Ian Carney and Woodrow Pheonix' highly enjoyable Sugar Buzz series (both published by SLG). At least, if memory serves, it wasn't the other way around. Whatever. This is the only strip where Sarah and I collaborated on the artwork. My pencils, Sarah's character and whatnot inks, some BG inks by me after the fact. The script was written by young Jake Carney, son of Ian. Bonus fact: Due to a production error (i.e., no one checked the file sent to SLG), the page ran without the dialogue. Lovely. We felt really terrible about that.

A Jimmy Neutron puzzle page done several years ago for a Nick Mag special. The dialogue was done in code so the reader could figure out  what the heck was going on. I wonder how many kids just skipped it.

One of three spot illos done for an in-house Radio Shack poster campaign. 

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