Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

All I Want For Christmas

Oh, yeah, and world peace. Don't wanna come off as a completely selfish and materialistic doofus.

Although I'd probably take the pinball machine over world peace. More fun.

So, what useless crap would you like/would have liked for the holidays? I just tossed in some stuff from my image files, I'd actually prefer, to quote Sally Brown, "tens and twenties". Adjusted for inflation form the 1960's, of course.  Or "real estate", to quote Lucy Van Pelt.

Feel free to share pictures of your own pointless metal and plastic grails, or rhapsodize about the useless crap of your dreams in a miasma of deathless prose. Or something like that. I just felt like typing "miasma". Sounds like a toxin, perhaps a nerve agent of some sort, wafting over the city like the black clouds of death the Martian tripods spewed upon London in H.G Wells The War of the Worlds. I love that word. Miasma. Would make a nifty automobile name, as well. The 2007 Chevy Miasma. Vrrrooom, just lookit that exhaust!


Now that we're in the proper holiday spirit, pray, tell us, about the crap. Or don't.

Tags: boredom, christmas, miasma, useless crap, wishful thinking
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