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Evan Dorkin

R.I.P. Suzanne Pleshette

I always thought Rod Taylor made the wrong choice in The Birds, myself. 

Pleshette was one of those people who I think would have done very well under the old Hollywood system. Post-studio era Hollywood didn't quite know what to make of her, perhaps because of her obvious intelligence, and her not being blond. Maybe old Hollywood would have squandered her as well. Who knows. Anyway. She was great on The Bob Newhart Show and I aways thought she was nifty.

Ditto her late husband, comic actor Tom Poston, a master at playing the drunk (Norman Lear's Cold Turkey -- Poston's one of the highlights of this wildly uneven mess that wastes an amazing cast of recognizable character and comedic actors), the lout (The Bob Newhart Show) and the dullard (Newhart). It was surprising to me to find out from old panel shows that Poston was a decidedly smart and worldly-type fella. That's acting, I guess.

Also, forgot to shout out the R.I.P. for Maila "Vampira" Nurmi. Knowing her mainly from Plan 9 From Outer Space and tons of goofballs who dress like her doesn't do her schtick much justice. She comes off as pretty cool in clips from her show and in interviews Sarha and I were checking out the other day. I wish horror hosts were still around like in the old days, I love the concept -- maybe because of the old EC horror hosts. I never got to see anyone host the monster film crud as a kid, our local version of the Creature Features program on channel 5 didn't have intros, as I recall. Neither did Fright Night on channel 9 (WOR) or Chiller on channel 11 (WPIX). Although Chiller has the infamous opening with the six-fingered hand in the swamp that scared the bejeezus out of me. When I was a teen WPIX had a host for a while, Doctor Morgus, I think his name was, but I was older and didn't have time for it for whatever reason. I'd watch bits of the host segments and wish they were better or I was younger or something. Or old enough to have seen Zacherle, the Cool Ghoul.

I think that would be a good job for me. I should be a horror host. In my own home. The family would simply love that, seeing as how I already talk too much -- why not put on an outfit and a frightwig and toss some dried ice in the corner and toss off crappy jokes about crappier movies. I can go get The Giant Gila Monster or Attack of the Killer Shrews for, like, $1.99 at Best Buy. And hell, I actually haven't seen The Giant Gila Monster or Attack of the Killer Shrews. That's a win-win!

No...no, what am I saying? That's a definite lose-lose. Where the hell is this post going? More to the point, why is it still going? What does this have to do with Suzanne Pleshette? I better quit while I'm behind.

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