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Good Evening, Mr. And Mrs. America, From Border To Border, Coast To Coast And All The Ships At Sea

Let's Go To Press!

The H.O.F. has a gag panel/Valentine's Day card in the latest issue of Nick magazine, which also features comics by Sam Henderson, Mark Martin, Graham Annable and others. We also have something reprinted in the upcoming Best of Nickelodeon Magazine All-Comics Issue #3 which has an amazing line-up of cartoonists on the roster.

The Aquabats and DJ Lance Rock are playing The Blender Theater at Gramercy here in NYC on Wed, February 13th at 7 p.m.

The winner of a copy of "I Love You Beth Cooper" was Mark Campos. Everyone else lost!

Speak German? Then you can hear some Germans talk about my work, using actual German words, on the Zettgeist podcast.

This month's Previews catalog says that Predator Omnibus volume 3 from Dark Horse Comics features work by Evan Dorkin. This is news to me, and I am Evan Dorkin. I thought they covered all the stuff I did in Predator Omnibus volume 2. What is going on? I am confused. Someone please un-confuse me. How much Predator material did I work on, anyway? What? About 216 pages? Oh. I forgot.

Elsewhere in Previews, the first Dork trade paperback is being re-listed.  Yawn.

There are no more items!
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