Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

More Los Bros

I think this jam pin-up of Jaime and Gilbert's was done for a con booklet. Bought in San Diego.

Jaime tossed this head sketch of Hopey into a package someone was sending me from Fantagraphics some time ago. I think it was Coco, his wife at the time. It's drawn on Kevin Dooley's memo pad, I think Dooley was an editor for Amazing Heroes. Jaime later told me this was the first time he ever drew "Hippy" Hopey with long hair. I still wonder what he was trying to write in the salutation that got goofed up.

I was going to post a few more pieces today but I have the goddamned flu and I'm falling apart. I'm only at the computer in order to send out some pitches to Mad that I finished up last night. Sarah's sick again. This is our fourth bout with colds/flu since September. WTF --? At least Emily's fine, so far.


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