Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

Los Bros Do DC

Commissioned from Gilbert in SDCC, 1988. Proof I've been a sad Bat-Mite mark for some time now.

DC Who's Who pin-up layers by Jaime. I'm assuming that's Phantom Girl, right? I can't recall who the guy is in the background piece. Never was a Legion fan. A lot of the original costumes are nifty, though. And the early stories have that Silver Age stupid charm ("let's play kissing games!"). Jaime and the Legion seem like a perfect fit in some alternate universe where he discovered DC Comics but never encountered the Circle Jerks. Or something like that. I'm sick, leave me alone.

These are part of Sarah's collection (as are the Marvel gal spot illos posted previously). I think this is the last of the small pieces we have by Jaime and Gilbert, the other pieces we have are interior pages too large for my Fisher-Price scanner.  I also have another Who's Who piece by David Mazzucchelli, but it's also too big for the Leapster scanner. A roundabout way of saying I dunno what's up next in these art collection posts. 

Time for a Tylenol break.
Tags: bat-mite, dc, legion, los bros, our art collection

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