Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

Fight-Man Promo Pin-Up

I was recently asked to contribute some background information on a number of characters from my Fight-Man comic for an upcoming Marvel handbook update. I have no idea why they want further information on such esteemed Marvel non-moneymakers as The Plug-In Maniac, Atomic Lou, The Roman Candle, The Shiv, The One Man Atrocity, Crimeasaurus 2, DoctOrangutan, Blacklung the Malady Man, et al, when only a few thousand people ever read about them and they exist in the established Marvel Universe only by some sort of accident. I can only assume they had a few pages empty in the Handbook and no one could come up with anything else to say about The Gibbon or Razorback or The Kangaroo.

Anyhow, while looking for my old Fight-Man files, I also came across this old pin-up I'd done for a Marvel promotional catalog that was sent out to retailers in 1993. Lettering by Kurt Hathaway, if I recall correctly.

For the curious: You can read the entire Fight-Man saga in Fight Man #1 (1993) and Agent X #10 and #11 (2003), available at a quarter bin near you.
Tags: fight-man

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