Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

Nickelodeon Magazine -- In 3-D!!!

Sarah and I have some work in two new Nick Mag publications.

First up is the latest Nick Mag Presents: Best of Nick special which is an all-comics issue. We have but a small gag panel reprinted in the magazine. The real draw is a host of collected Nick comics from the likes of David Mazzucchelli, Mike Mignola, Michael Kupperman, Jay Stephens, Dave Cooper, Bobby London, Ellen Forney, Mark Martin and many others. More info on the special issue can be found here at the Nick Mag comics blog.

Next up is the March issue of the regular magazine, which sports a 3-D comics section and also includes your own pair of honest-to-goodness 3-D glasses. You will actually believe the magazine is right there in front of your very own eyes! 3-D!  Remarkable! We provided the cover for the Comic Book section, which is really and truly in -- 3-D! As are the other comics in the section. It's eye-popping stuff. Honest. I feel honored to have done a 3-D comics job. I think it helps complete the resume. Mainstream, small press, kid's books, adult books, national magazines, and now -- 3-D. I can die crabby now.

Anyway, yeah. Nick Magazine. Unlike most comics, these are available almost everywhere. Pretend to buy them for your niece or nephew, keep them for yourself.

In 3-D!!!
Tags: 3-d, nick mag, nickelodeon magazine, sociology

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