Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin


No, no, not The Boogens.

Bookins is a site where folks can exchange books, or just dump books, which is pretty much what we're using it for. Sort of like Peerflix, which we've used and enjoyed, and which is unfortunately shutting down. Anyway, we're in the midst of culling all our collections, and we didn't want to just dump the reading material we're shedding in the garbage/recycling. So, we're using Bookins to try to get some books into other people's hands, if possible. We tried donating a bunch of books to a charity out here, but they wouldn't take them, but another one, an animal rescue program, will take some, it seems. The local Salvation Army thrifts don't like taking books anymore and give people a hard time over donations in general these days. We've given our old comics to a local shop and to the Center For Cartoon Studies, given away collectibles, some toys, now we're going through mid-century magazines and yet more books, always books, good god, the books.  Boxes and boxes, and bags and bags (when it comes to the ones that are riddled with mold or just damaged or yucky).

Anyway, in case you might want to look/get something, here's our list of books on the Bookins site. Iirc books cost $4.49, basically, you pay the shipping, although I think you are supposed to also list some books for exchange to participate. I'm not sure, check the site link above for more info. Sarah's handling the details, I just box the books we're sending out and say, "Jah, boss" like the assistant in the old Frankenstein parody in Mad.

We'll likely have more stuff added in the coming weeks, no comics-related stuff going up, sorry, that's all going to CCS or trade or staying in the H.O.F until we die. Just an attempt to keep a few books alive and out of the landfills.

Other than that, I was going to post some work-related stuff but now I don't really care to. Maybe later. 

Instead, ladies and gentleman...please enjoy the musical stylings of the fabulous Lecuona Cuban Boys.


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