Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

Will Elder R.I.P.

Cartoonist Will Elder passed away today. I consider him one of the all-time greats, and his influence on my work is substantial. I am in awe of his work, the effort he put into his drawings, the dynamic style, the seemingly effortless aping of other artist's signature styles, his pen work, his sense of humor, his playfulness on the page, his insane background gags, and just how much he loaded into a standard page of comic art. If God is in the details, Will Elder channeled God.

If you want to be a cartoonist, or just appreciate amazing cartooning, and you do not know this man's work, for shame, doc, for shame. Look and learn: EC, Mad, Panic, Trump, Humbug, Help!, Goodman Beaver, Little Annie Fanny. He was the great Harvey Kurtzman's greatest collaborator, together they were perhaps the greatest two-man tag-team in comics.
He was one of the best.


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