Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

HELP: Do We Have Any Friends At SDCC?

The members of the H.O.F. are semi-desperately hoping someone  can help us out and pick up a SLEEPY CHILLY ICE-BAT plush from the UGLYDOLL BOOTH at SDCC (if any are still available).

If they are still available, and anyone is willing to help out, we just want to somehow coordinate in hopes of avoiding multiples. Please e-mail us or comment here if you can/will/want to help. Please do not e-mail us with camera shots of your Ice-Bat, along with "Ha ha ha, I have one-type text". We aren't trying to put any up on e-bay, we just want one for Emily. I don't even know if this is do-able or coordinate-able, but we are tossing this out there in case anyone is bored in their hotel, reads this on their lap-top or whatever, knows what the hell I'm talking about, and can accomplish this small mission.

We are good for the money (most likely), and I will throw in a thank-you drawing to boot.

I thank you in advance, I curse you if you ignore our geekplea.

I really dislike show exclusives. Hopefully this will come out at some point in time for the general, average non-con attendee who supports the products of a company and just wants to buy a goddamned doll for his kid. Sheesh.

Oh, and while I'm here, FYI, there's a special Mad magazine SDCC thingie they're giving out or selling or whatever at the show. It features a two-page piece I wrote.  I haven't seen it yet, so I dunno who illustrated my bit.
Tags: help, sdcc, sleepy chilly ice-bat, uglydoll

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