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Oh, Yeah. The Contest. And Some Other Stuff.

The winner of the dinner guest contest is the person who posted as "Spicyleesh" She wins the H.O.F. books and a drawing of the Devil Puppet, as requested, and as pictured below. I can't say exactly why she won, except that her picks stood out, along with those of the guy who spelled "boobies" with the initials of his guests. That made me laugh, but I still went with the ladies. Despite the fact that I do believe the creator of Yotsuba is a guy. Still, I liked her picks, and she won, and the rest of you didn't.

There's probably not going to be a ton of posts here in the next month or so, and if there are, they're likely to be more of the hit-and-run/ scan-and-post kinds of things that have cropped up as of late. We lost a lot of time in June and are still scrambling to catch up on our commitments. If you go by this blog it appears we haven't been doing much of anything, but we've actually been very busy since we shrugged off the bug that conked our asses after Heroes Con. We finished the artwork up for a Story Time cartoon for the second season of Yo Gabba Gabba!, did some illo jobs for Mad Magazine and Mad Kids, got real close to finishing up the long-promised Exhumed FIlms t-shirt design (it needs the t's crossed and i's dotted, inks-wise), and I'm currently working on that book-related gig I mentioned a little while back, the one that was canceled and then un-canceled. That gig is going to keep me chained to the board for the next 3-4 weeks, which kind of sucks, because we've been housebound most of July, and Emily's going a little stir-crazy. But it's a good assignment, coming at the right time, so I shouldn't complain. As soon as I finish it up I have the first script of my Dark Horse mini-series to complete, and a short Bart Simpson script I've worked on in fits and starts over the past few months that needs nailing down. When the dust settles I can slow down a bit and concentrate on the rest of the DHC series, and perhaps get some work done on some Milk and Cheese strips that are sitting around on my shelf, gathering dust.

What else...

Speaking (Typing?) of Yo Gabba Gabba!, season two shooting is finished, and the grueling post-production has begun. We are finished with our commitments to the season, so, no grueling anything for us. Yay! I hate grueling stuff. It's so grueling. When all's said and done grueling-wise, YYG Season 2 should include one show we wrote, one show Sarah and Christian wrote, and two Story Time segments we wrote, one of which we designed and did the artwork for. We can't wait to see how the episodes shape up, and Emily keeps bugging us about when the cartoons will be finished, since she's been seeing the art work around the office and on Sarah's computer. Fingers crossed things will go well and there will be a season three, and we'll get invited back. Oh, and FYI, the first wave of YGG merch has hit stores. We bought Em a Muno guitar and a Brobee plush at the S.I. Target yesterday. 

We had a gag cartoon run in the latest issue of Nick Mag.

I read the first two volumes of Vertical's Dororo books by Tezuka and studio -- enjoyed them but was unhappy to learn that the third volume will be the last, and that Tezuka abandoned the project and it remains unfinished, or semi-finished, or whatever the hell. I think Vertical played a bit cute not letting anyone know this is a Last Tycoon kind of project, at least I haven't seen anything letting readers in on that fact, but, whatever. I did enjoy them a lot, and I'll buy almost anything by Tezuka (the only material I ever dumped thus far was a couple of the Dark Horse early works, Lost World and something else, they weren't very good, and the translation scripts were clunky, to boot).

I was also a little annoyed to find out that Vertical's Blackjack paperback reprints will also be released in a series of exclusive hardcovers from Diamond -- and that the hardcovers will include extra stories that won't be included in the paperbacks. I can't stand alternate versions of books that play around with the inside material. I understand making something more "deluxe", but I can't stand abbreviating the guts. It's collector bullshit. I expect this kind of rigamarole from Dynamic Forces, not Vertical. Of course, I'm shooting for the hardcovers despite the annoyance, I'm a Tezuka mark, and a Blackjack mark, and my shop discount/trade situation helps defray the extra expense. Still, pretty obnoxious, sis. 

I'm currently reading Fred Allen's second autobiography, Much Ado About Me, which covers his Vaudeville days and then some. I'm enjoying it very much.

I tried to fill out a Harvey Awards ballot to send in online and the damned thing kept bouncing back to me, so I said fuck it and deleted it. I didn't care for most of the nominees anyway, and didn't vote in a number of categories, so, no big deal. It was the usual oddball list that comes from the lopsided industry response that plagues the Harvey nominations -- every year some enterprising or bored publisher or two rallies the troops, and a lot of folks ignore the Harveys, so the nominations usually have a bit of a WTF? aspect to them. One year when I was emceeing I recall Mad Magazine had a number of unexpected nominations, there was the head-scratching swell of Crossgen nods another time. This year that Diary of a Wimpy Kid book and the Disney comics benefited the most from employees and friends stepping up to the ballot box. The Wimpy cartoonist was even nominated for best inker -- and the guy draws stick figures, fer chrissakes! Jesus. Nothing against the guy, but Best Inker? Holy shit, that's nuts. The Eisners were no amazing shakes this year either (imho), but at least they didn't have any laugh out loud moments that I can remember (Oh, wait, Newsarama won. Yeah. Okay, whatever.), just another big sloppy all-around hug for a wide range of decent, amiable, more-or-less populist, more-or-less genre-y stuff. The Eisner nominating judges and voters seem to try hard to please a lot of folks, many of whom I'd offer are very talented, if not exactly visionary. But y'know, everyone's got an opinion, and mine's no better than anyone else's. Except Dave Campiti. My opinion's better than his. IMHO. Anyway. So, yeah, whatever. The Harveys. The only good thing is that usually the goofy block nominations don't win. So, let's hope something good wins something. "Good", of course, being subjective, and in the eyes of the beholder who votes. I didn't, because voting shouldn't be a pain in the ass.

Okay, rambling/ranting over. I gotta finish cleaning up the studio so I can get back to drawing stupid stuff.

Later, skaters.

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