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Another This And That Post

The movie tie-in paperback edition of Larry Doyle's "I Love You, Beth Cooper" apparently hits shelves on June 9th, according to Amazon. This is the version which will include 16 pages of comics I drew from Larry's scripts, and presumably, it will retain the chapter header illustrations I did for the original release. For some reason, though, they're choosing to go with a photo cover featuring  nubile, famous young actors from the film adaptation, rather than my stunning and awkward depiction of a sweaty and awkward little geek. Huh.

I'm currently wrapping up the script for the second issue of the series Jill Thompson are doing for Dark Horse. I've seen 10 pages of Jill's artwork for #1 and it's just friggin' lovely stuff. I'm really, honestly excited to be working on this project. I guess it's because it's the first creator-owned thing I've managed to spend some time on in ages, also, a lot of it has to do with Jill's work on it. It's also a kick to be working on stories again,  with characters and settings and banter and business and all that. It's been a while, and after a lot of short stuff and gag strips and panels it's a nice change of pace. Plus, I really like these characters. Hopefully the book will do okay and we'll be able to do more. I'd better finish the 4 scripts up, in the meantime.

On a related note, I may be attending the NYCC next month to do some kibbitzing at the Dark Horse booth. More on that later, if there's more on that later. 

That Ron Jeremy spot illo we did is going to appear in an upcoming issue of Mad. 

Still not sure when our Yo Gabba Gabba episodes, "Big" and "Family" will be airing. We found out that my name was acidentally put in the credits for "Family", a script I barely scraped the paint on. Sarah co-wrote it with Christian Jacobs, I supplied perhaps a dozen words and maybe an idea at most, mostly listened as Sarah read me her stuff and nodded or made a few suggestions she did or didn't respond to. So, for the record, that's Sarah and Chrisitan's episode.

Anyway, one of the Story Time segments we wrote has apparently aired, for the "Robots" episode. The other Story Time piece we wrote will be part of "Big", and we also did all the art and design elements for that. Wish I could post some of the character designs, I think we did a pretty good job on that. After it airs I'll upload the drawings. I should post some of the Super Martian Robot Girl material now that those segments all aired during season one. No time for that right now, Dr. Jones.

According to SLG, the Cheese t-shirt, companion to the Milk t-shirt released a ways back, is actually available. Nobody told me, I stumbled across it myself on the website while answering a question for a reader about the (quite frankly kick-ass) M&C bowling shirts. There was supposed to be a photo or image of it on the SLG site, but so far, nothing's been uploaded. So, those of you who e-mailed or posted questions about them, there you go. Apparently this apparel exists. Feel free to bug SLG if you want to see what they look like or want to buy one blind because you're a nutty gambling sort of nut who rolls that way.

While browsing around the site, I found that the Milk and Cheese vinyl toy set has been knocked down $10 to $59.95. Something to think about when that stimulus package kicks in and we're all going crazy saving the economy. Think about it, baby. Alcohol, coffee and groceries disappear. Poof, they're gone. Ethereal nonsense, you've just wasted your money, dude. These toys, however,  will stand by you, remain with you, from one economic tragedy to another. You can even take them to the shelter to keep you company when things really tumble into the toilet. I'm pretty sure you can. And nobody will steal them, whereas they'd take so many other things you could waste your money on.

Okay, then. I think I've made my case. I think you know what to do.

Now what I have to do is go read some Black Jack vol 2 and go to sleep.

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