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Here's one rebuttal to the Snopes take on the CPSIA situation:


As Sarah says -- unfortunately, people are going to believe whom they want to believe, but I actually read through the relevant sections myself and Snopes is wrong. It's not murky. Enforcement will probably be murky, but the law is not. 

I think they're wrong, too. We've seen a lot of people slamming the Snopes article, but apparently the people at the site have made up their minds and are sticking to their guns. So, who debunks the debunkers? I dunno. Life is sticky.

Anyway, more from Sarah:

The legislation is here:

Anyone who wants to poke their eyes out should read the second doc, "Consumer Product Safety Act, As Amended". It sticks all the amendments into the original law so you can actually look back and forth at stuff.

A friend of Sarah's is working on a post about the CPSIA and points out that no-one can amend the law right now except one person:
Henry A. Waxman, Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce.

His contact info.
Honorable Henry A. Waxman
Committee on Energy and Commerce
2125 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington D.C. 20515

FYI, folks.

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