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A Few Things That Have Come Out Or Will Soon Come Out

We have a spot illo running in the Fundalini section of Mad #499, which I believe ships on February 24th (only one more issue until the quarterly schedule...good lord, choke!).

We also have a gag panel running in Mad Kids #14, which will be the final issue, I think. I know the plug was pulled and I assume there will not be an issue #15. So long to my possibly ever doing another "Game Boyz" strip, but, then again, it's not like I'd done any in a long while. I pitched about seven or eight of them over time, but only two made it out alive. R.I.P.

The second volume of MySpace Dark Horse Presents (there's an awkward title) shipped a week or two ago, it reprints the two-page color Milk and CHeese strip Sarah and I did for the DHP website. The content is all available free on the DHC Myspace page, at least while there's still a lingering comics program at MySpace (the guy running it was laid off recently), so, keep that in mind. But if you're in the shop and haven't seen the strip or really want the collection (there's a nice Umbrella Academy story, a Guy Davis-drawn BPRD story, a Gilbert Hernandez strip, bunch of other stuff), feel free to give it the once-over twice.

And I'm happy to say that the first issue of Beasts of Burden is all done, the lettering was finished up this weekend and it looks swell. Jill killed on it. I'm working on the #3 script while juggling this TCM Underground comic strip and thinking about a couple of gag strips for Nickelodeon they asked me to think about. We're very lucky in that we're very busy right now, and should be, if no one goes out of business, for a few months.

Fingers crossed.

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