Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

Some More Art For Sale

We're testing the waters and have put up a few pieces of H.O.F. art on e-bay. Four pieces, a new M&C color pin-up (guess what? They're running and shouting! This one has extra fire, though), an odd page of art from the Superman/Batman strip I drew for Bizarro Comics (you'll see what I mean if you check it out), a Mad piece, and a splash layout from the Kamandi strip from Bizarro World. A range of stuff, a range of prices, to see what happens. I've seen what my stuff goes for e-bay, and it never matches up with the price I'd have set for it, especially the smaller pieces, like layouts, and freebie sketches people got at conventions and then tossed up for sale, because they are penny ante cretins.

The auctions can be found here.

Here's the M&C pin-up that's on e-bay:

We also have some new art up on the "Art For Sale" list, including two Bizarro Comics pages, and the last Dick Wad of the Mega-Vice Squad art I have, the latter going back to my halcyon days of 1993, when everyone could sell a smut book except yours truly. Maybe I should have put more sex in it and less stupid stuff (and less insulting of the smut book audience). Oh, well. We also finally got a link up to the other Milk and Cheese pin-up I did recently that's on the list (more blood this time):

All for now. Thanks for looking. 

Tags: e-bay, milk and cheese, original art

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