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Lookie: Two Of The Many Who Draw Better Than Me

Jill Thompson posted some more preview art from Beasts of Burden #1 on her blog, including one of my favorite pages from the issue, a silent three-panel affair featuring the main cast searching the woods.

There's also a photo of Em and her friend Josie reading Jill's Magic Trixie books at NYCC. I think it's adorable, but I am biased.

Forgot to post that Jill is currently at Wonder Con, where she has a table set-up (iirc) and will likely be showing off material from Beasts #1. Dark Horse is there as well, so, if you're going to the show tomorrow, head on over and see if they have any Beasts promo cards left.

While I'm linking, here's some more art to eyeball: Check out the fabulous work of Stephanie Buscema. I dig the hell outta her stuff. And if the last name seems familiar to some of you comic book types, it should.
Tags: beasts of burden, jill thompson, stephanie buscema, talent

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