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H.O.F. Update 3/27/09

Where we're at:

The second Mask Omnibus recently shipped from Dark Horse Comics, and it reprints a four-issue limited series I wrote sometime in the mid-90's or so. The art for the arc is by Peter Gross. The story features a little girl named Emily. I had forgotten I named the character Emily until Sarah pointed it out sometime after we'd decided on the name for our daughter. Huh.  Anyway, these comics haven't been collected before, so, I dunno, check 'em out or whatever. Other creators whose work is featured in the book include Bob Fingerman, John Arcudi, and Dough Mahnke.  Relive the 90's!

The movie tie-in version of I Love You Beth Cooper is scheduled to be released June 9th. This is the version I drew sixteen pages of comics for. Relive last year!

Sarah and I have a spot illo running in the last monthly issue of Mad, which will be #500. So weird. I drew some Star Trek fans in a movie theater, not much to it. I did manage to draw a guy giving the middle finger with his left hand on his right arm. Sarah caught it and fixed it on the computer. I is a perfessional.

(Above: pencils for a Mad Kids gag panel which ran in the final issue)

Working on a gag panel for Nick Mag. The revision rough was accepted, figure I'll get the pencils done this weekend, then Sarah colors it and we send it. Monsters! More monsters. A lot of my gag panel ideas have had monsters in them as of late. I need an idea for a Thanksgiving panel, but nothing's coming in at the moment worth much of anything. Trying hard not to go the monsters route. I do like the monsters, though.

The 2000 Maniacs prologue comic I did for TCM.com should go online sometime in April. I'm pretty sure. I should check. It's coming soon, how about we leave it at that? Thanks.

I'm doing a pin-up drawing next month for a Bongo comics collection. And I'm writing and drawing a 15 -page strip for a Simpsons book coming out later this year. I think I posted about that already. I'm just happy to be employed. 

Beasts of Burden #1 will likely be released in September. There is a really nifty reason for it being pushed back a month. Unless, someone comes in and takes the nifty reason away. Whatever. Come rain or come shine, Jill Thompson is currently painting Beasts of Burden #2, and those of you who follow my twitter feed of happiness know that I'm just about done wrestling with the script for #3. #4 is slightly vexing me, becauyse I've bumped the storyline I originally intended to use. I think I have the replacement plot locked in, but...well, I do hate making the decisions. They vex me. I'm very vexable that way.

Finally, there's this swell news: Yo Gabba Gabba! has apparently been picked up for a third season. Congrats to Christian and Scott and everyone else at YGG.  In the meantime, a new episode, "New Friends", will be aired on Friday, April 3rd, at 1;30 a.m. It features Jack Black, who apparantly needs the exposure. There have been hints that several more episodes may premiere in April, hopefully one of the ones we worked on will debut soon ("Family", which Sarah co-wrote with Christian, and "Big", which Sarah and I co-wrote). And maybe we'll be asked back to do something for the next season. One never knows, do one?

And that's the news. Have a great weekend.
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