Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

Nick Magazine RIP

Aw, crap. I mean...crap.

Apparently Nick Magazine has been shut down. I've read conflicting reports, some report that the magazine was closed down effective immediately, others say the magazine is closing at the end of the year. Either way, my best wishes go out to the staffers, and to Comic Book section editors Chris Duffy and Dave Roman in particular.

Sarah and I have been contributing to the magazine for over ten years now, mostly gags and some illustrations, along with some comics stuff and two covers for the Comic Book section. I loved freelancing for them, I loved being in the magazine alongside some great people, and I enjoyed working with Chris and Dave very much. They are good people, and good "comics people", and I hope they find their footing asap, jobs-wise. Or win the lottery. They helped a lot of small press folks pay some bills, and the comics section was just top-notch stuff from a host of swell cartoonists. Ugh. This is going to be the talk of MOCCA, I bet, half the exhibitors have probably freelanced for them at some point.

This doesn't affect us too badly as far as pure economics goes, we've only done a few things for them every year or so, and we knew they were slowing down purchases due to the economy and the bad publishing atmosphere. Still, I wasn't expecting them to shut down, and it was nice to know Nick was there, and to pitch a few gags every now and then, and sometimes a bigger assignment came your way. And it was always a good experience. And as a bonus, you owned your work. Ugh. Now a lot of freelancers are left with one less venue, worse for the fact that Nick was one of the friendliest magazines out there for cartoonists. After Mad's gut shot wound...this is just very depressing news.

I wish this was a gag.

Wonder what's next.
Tags: bad news, nick mag

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