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We'll be sitting at a table this weekend at MOCCA, along with a few other hundred or so cartoonists and publishers and hangers on. The A-list includes David Mazzucchelli, Arnold Roth, Seth, Al Jaffee, Adrian Tomine, and Gary Panter. Here's the exhibitor list, which I am not on, but I am going to be there, honest. We'll be bunked next to the Christine Norrie, Matt Kindt, Tara McPherson enclave. Emily is on the exhibitor list, which kills me.

We'll be bringing the usual SLG books you know and are sick of seeing on the table. I'll also have some copies of the new Simpsons Summer Shindig for sale, which features an 8-page Bart Simpson comic I wrote. And, we'll have preview pages from Beasts of Burden #1 for folks to look at. Any retailers reading this, please come over to take a look, I have the entire first issue and some sample pages I can fork over.

We'll also have some nifty handmade HOF stuff at the show -- some of you may remember the Milk and Cheese and HOF monster pencil cases and Moleskine covers Sarah made last year for Heroes World. She's finished up a bunch more for MOCCA, so, if you missed out, here's another chance to get them. Possibly your last chance.
the stuff!

I'll be bringing art for sale, some stuff that's been in the portfolio, some new stuff, and the M&C vinyls, and maybe some of the remaining shirts leftover from the online sale we had recently.

Hope to see you there.

Tags: hof, mocca, stuff for sale

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