Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

I Ignore You, Beth Cooper

I keep forgetting to post about the movie I Love You, Beth Cooper, which came and went like the singing career of William Hung.

Actually,  I don't have anything much to say about the movie, I didn't see it, you didn't see it, most folks didn't seen it. I've been meaning to post about the re-release of the novel that ties-in to the movie. As some of you might recall, I did the cover/chapter illustrations for Larry Doyle's novel, which was the basis for the film. The tie-in version features 16 pages of new comics and illustrations that I drew (the comics were written by Larry Doyle).  

Here's a few pages from the tie-in you didn't see:

Anyway, things have been extra stupid around here as of late, and I ended up not plugging the tie-in, I meant to, but I didn't actually know when the movie was coming out, and my comps arrived late, and I could have just looked it all up but I was busy and I figured the movie would be around for a while. Well, I figured that until I saw the trailer, but then it was too late. Yeeks. Anyway, apparently it nosedived in theaters fairly spectacularly.

So I figured now is the perfect time to bring the book up.

I have extra copies of the tie-in sitting around, untouched by the basement flood we just had. Which means I have a few to give away, if anybody's up for it. The book was a hit, if not the movie, and you get some new drawings I did. The new edition also has my old cover (reproduced inside as a title page) and all the chapter illos are in there, which means you get a lot of my so-called 'art". For free!

How to win: It's easy! Tell me why you chose to not see I Love You, Beth Cooper. Or, tell me why you did see it (!?!), and let us know what you thought of it. Be honest, it wasn't my movie, the project's been very kind to me but I have nothing to do with the film, so it can go screw a sailor as far as I'm concerned.

I'll pick a few folks to send a book to based on the replies and my capricious whims.


The original cover. This book won awards and was made into a film. A success.

The floppola movie tie-in cover, with the tv star and the manboy behind her on the cover. A failure. This is the one I hear they're giving away for free on the internet.
Tags: bomb, comics, contest, failure, i love you beth cooper, stinker

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