November 2nd, 2002

smokin' now what do I do?

For a while now Sarah's been trying to get me to start posting to my own journal (which she's set up for me, of course), but I either kept forgetting to do so or begged off because I'm a near-luddite and I'm always afraid of posting something stupid and irretractable that I'll regret. Then I realized that I've allowed many stupid things I've said or thought to be printed in comics and magazines, and I've regretted them and lived, so what the heck, I'll give this here journal thing a whack and see what happens. Sarah says I can edit it, and maybe I'll actually learn to do that without having her do it for me. Anyway, I guess I'll be using this forum to discuss what I'm working on, post updates about what's going on here at the House of Fun, and rant about this and that as the ill mood takes me. I also expect to be plugging other people's work (comics, music, film, whatever) quite often, as I used to do in the letters pages of Hectic Planet and Dork. I hope to figure out how to do that highlighted url thing as soon as possible. Sarah says it's simple, but I have been known to screw up the simplest of tasks on a computer. I'll most likely veer off into the depths of junk culture pretty often, anyone who is remotely familiar with my comics and cartoon work must know by now I have a terrible fondness for professional wrestling, asian horror and action movies, old tv shows, monster movies, stupid old comics, toys, pinball, etc etc ad nauseum. I might even post about something cultural, minus the "pop", but don't worry, I won't do it too often, if at all.

Okay, I'm going to try plug something and see what happens. My first plug will be the WFMU homepage WFMU(91.1 FM in New Jersey)is my favorite radio station, and one of my favorite things on this godforsaken earth. They are a completely independent, free-form, non-commercial, non-profit station that plays everything under the sun, and I mean EVERYTHING. The site has pages for every show and DJ, information on the station, and archived programs you can listen to, as well as a real-time audio stream. If you love music, and you think radio is a dying medium much like comics, then you simply have to check them out. You won't like every program or song or DJ, but there's so much there to listen to, you're bound to get hooked on something. And as a plus, WFMU is cartoonist- friendly, utilizing many alt/indy inksters to design their exclusive promo items offered during the annual fund-raising marathon (past contributors have included Chris Ware, Kaz, Rodney Greenblatt, Renee French, Wayno, Danny Hellman, etc). Maybe sometime down the line I'll plug specific shows, but this is getting really long and I have work to get to.

Okay, that's my first entry. I'll try to keep further posts a little shorter. But I probably won't be able to, since I type like I talk. I.E. -- too damned much.