November 5th, 2002


My first HOF update

Sarah and I will be appearing at the National Comic Convention this Saturday and Sunday (Nov 9 and 10th) in NYC. I don't have a link to this event, and I'm too damned lazy to go find it. The people who throw together the Big Apple cons are responsible for this one, so go do a google search or something, I'm sure you'll find it (I realize I'm supposed to provide links here, but get used to occasional lapses or complete indifference to linking on this journal. You can call a blog cop if you don't like it). Anyway, if you see me in a suit on Saturday, it's not because I'm a fashion plate, it's because we have to head uptown to my parent's 25th wedding anniversary at some ritzy joint. I'd rather go to White Castle.

Speaking of ritzy joints, we just got back from a dinner meeting at Montrachet in Tribeca. I don't mind eating fancy French food if the Cartoon Network's paying for it, but I was devastated when I arrived too late at the Krispy Kreme on 23rd st to pick up a few after-dinner donuts. What gives? I thought this city never slept?! Hopefully the outcome of our meeting will fare better than our futile search to gain weight by consuming sugar and hot oil.

By the way, is this dinner and donut talk banal enough for a blog? I sure do hope so.

What else -- oh yeah, this Wednesday, Nov. 6th, Jim Hanley's Universe will be hosting a signing for my pal Bob Fingerman, celebrating the release of his new, massive Minimum Wage collection. JHU is located at 4 W 33rd St in Manhattan, and from what I undertsand the signing is being held from 6-8 pm. I plan on going to show my support and watch Bob look uncomfortable, and I assume a small gaggle of NYC-area cartoon-types may wander in as well. Should be fun, you might wish to attend. I'm sure the Fantagraphics website has info on Bob's big book, alas, I don't feel like looking the site up.

Work-wise, I just committed to doing a ten-page strip for the upcoming Hellboy anthology that Scott Allie is editing for Dark Horse Comics (I believe it's an 8-issue series, all I know for sure is that the fab and gear Andi Watson's in #1). Sarah will color what I scribble, which will be a fairly straightforward bit of business. I'm also a few sentences away from finishing the third script for the Thing mini-series I'm writing for Andy Lis at Marvel. As soon as I finish it up I hop over to do some fill-in scripting for Andy, hop back to finish The Thing #4, and somehwere in there I'm working on gag strips for Dork #11, the Eltingville one-shot, the Dork #2 trade paperback, some drawings for Sarah's site, and a bunch of other things that should have been finished months ago.

Finally, Slave Labor Graphics is reprinting Dork #4, and about to reprint Dork #7. We are officially back to work on producing the long-delayed Milk and Cheese beer mugs. Surely, what society has been needing. I expect all global conflict to cease when these are made available to the public. Speaking of buying useless crap, please do check out the all-new, all-inclusive House of Fun webstore which Sarah has recently designed for our site, which I will list: http://

Today's plug is for the Conversations with Cartoonists series that has been published by the University Press of Mississippi. They've published two volumes of collected interviews that span the careers of a particular creator, one focusing on Milton Caniff (Terry and the Pirates, Steve Canyon) and one dealing with Charles Schulz (must I tell you?!). Both are quite nifty, and I believe they have a third volume in the works, but i forget the subject. They've also published a book on Gus Arriola and his strip, Gordo. For more info, go to

Okay, I guess I'll pack it in now. Thanks for reading, type to you later.