November 9th, 2002


I answer the not-so-tough questions

Hokay, first things first. I'm tired of everyone saying we don't update the HOF website. We might not update it as often as some folks would like, but that's the best we can do. Or rather, the best Sarah can do, because I can't help her out, she does everything herself when her schedule allows, and recently she's spent plenty of time designing and uploading our own extensive webstore, the new newsletter, new links and plugs, new segments and updates throughout the old site, the weekly Fun strips (one of which just debuted on the site), the button art, etc. often she can't update sections because I don't have the time to write the text we need. She's also been setting up the site, to boot. I'm sorry we can't make the site some wonderful ever-changing, interactive experience because to do that would mean not doing our actual work on our comics and cartoons. And while people have kindly (and not so kindly) offered to help us out, it would still eat up tons of time to oversee volunteers, and order them about to do everything the way we want it. The site will change and grow when it can, and as for this journal, it is a supplement to th site. If you're looking for news here only, you will most likely miss out on many things, such as new Fun strips, detailed newsletters, and whatever we have planned down the line (complete bibliographies, unseen art for dead projects, etc). So, please, give us a break. We're a two-goof operation and there's only so muuch we can do dividing our time between our comics, our magazine work, our cartoon work, the site, our damned cats who apparently need to be fed occasionally, and sometimes, if we're lucky, our domestic life. End of semi-rant. On to some of your questions and comments stemming from my last post:

The Krispy Kreme on 23rd was open until 11 pm. I arrived at 11:10, so screw me.

Sorry, but the "Dorkin DVD" is a something that neither Bob nor I will ever allow to spread amongst the populace like some awful virus.

I actually did catch Smackdown this past Thursday and enjoyed a good part of it. The tag match was a-okay, although I would have booked Angle/Benoit to get the second pin, and legit, to boot. They can wrestle, iut's part of their personas and Benoit doesn't need to cheat, even as a heel. Angle, sure, he's a semi-coward heel unless he goes psycho, but he cheats when he's in heel mode because he's a hypocrite. Anyway, is Angle the man or what? I liked him straight from his debut and he's become my fave wrestler, possibly of all time, because IMHO he is the most well- rounded man in that ring and on that stick. Whe wrestles solid against anyone and any style, cripes I wish they were booking him in stronger angles, but he's one of those guys I enjoy watching no matter what, he makes a match or a spot. And Mark - sorry, but no, we haven't seen the tape yet (it's on the launch pad along with my friend Fletcher's DVD of The Wild Bunch, the Avengers Emma Peel boxed set and the Criterion Seven Samurai, which I want to see again asap), we haven't watched much of anything lately, haven't caught Lucha in months because of work and sleep.

What else was there -- oh, re: old radio ads, they used to do that on tv as well in the early days, we caught a batch of episodes of the Burns and Allen showson PBS a while back, and they were uncut, so we got to see george and gracie start babbling about coffee in the middle of the show. It was fairly surreal, especially when they'd try to weave the spots seamlessly into the storyline. The episodes freaked me out a little because they were earlier shows than I'd seen as a kid, where george had the surreal bit where he'd watch the other characters on his tv and commenting to the audience directly. In these they were clearly on a stage, with sets representing his house and a neighbor's house, and he's walk "out" of the house to stand in the wings, where he's address the theater audience (and the tv audience), sometimes to sell coffee. Nutty stuff. We also got to see Groucho's "You Bet Your Life" with his car pitches intact, which I never saw as a twelve-year old insomniac on WOR-TV in the 70's.

No time for much of anything else, I haven't finished packing up our stock for the National con tomorrow because I went out to watch some asian action flicks at Paul's house tonight. I should have left after the first one, can't remember the title ("Tiger" something, or something "Tiger"), a very violent gangster/martial arts flick with a lot of recognizable stars, Donny Yen, Simon Yam, Jacky Cheung, a few Yuen brothers poking around, the Thundering Mantis guy. The Japanese future samurai-type deal was really slow and dull, based on a manga, and as always, I can't recall the title. I'm terrible with the names of HK et al action films, so many of them have generic names and I'm far from Eltingville in my knowledge of the genre.

So now it's almost 3 am and we have to be up in five hours but I'm not tired. Cripes.