November 12th, 2002


Briefly...or not.

I don't have time to do a full post-mortem con report on the National show, but I hope to jot a few things down asap on that. We had a hectic weekend between the show and my parent's 25th wedding anniversary, so we spent today attempting to relax by driving over to the Mitsuwa shopping center in Edgewater, NJ for a few hours of looking at Japanese books, toys, pottery, kitchen appliances and groceries. Some of which we bought, stocking up on Miso and Soy Sauce and Panko bread crumbs and that sort of stuff. Of course, I don't touch the stuff, Sarah's the cook in the HOF, I'm the dishwasher. Anyway, we had a nice day, and tomorrow it's back to work. If I get a break I'll write a con report, which will be sort of dull, as the show was sort of dull.So maybe I won't write it. Cripes, this is the worst post yet. I wrote a comment commenting on some comments to the last post, go read that. Or better yet, surf over to another blog or some site with pretty pictures or interesting news, this is a terrible post that just keeps getting worse. I was just trying to let people know I've been too busy with the con to post anything and this is what happened. Ugghhh. This is going to be a lousy winter, I know it.