November 19th, 2002



Hey, Sarah here (again, if you've just come from the old journal). Welcome to Evan's Journal Mark II. Hopefully, this will work out much better.
Just so you know, for reasons of both simplicity and bandwidth protection, this journal is actually powered by Livejournal. Yes, I know, getting an account with LJ is not easy. But you do not have to have an account with them to post comments, you can post "anonymously" (although posting without being registered doesn't mean you can't sign your name).
Play nice though, okay? Over and out.

New Place, Same Space

As Sarah posted, we've moved Big Mouth over to Livejournal. We've done this for several reasons, foremost being that we're on a more stable server, we can design the page however we want when and if we choose to do so, and we can imbed the journal into the House of Fun site, keeping everything under one roof.

So, here's where I'll be typing my little heart out when I have the time to plug things, rant and rave, or just waste precious time at the computer. I will attempt to post here as often as my schedule allows, but at this point in time, my workload is pretty overwhelming so please be patient if I disappear for a few days at a time. I'm currently juggling a Bizarro Comics script for DC with scripts for a two-issue fill-in at Marvel, and in between these gigs I'm working on the Eltingville one-shot, Dork #11, drawings for Sarah's Jinjur site and a pitch for a limited series I've been approached to write. I'll be in this mess for a few weeks at least. So, I'll post when I can, or more to the point, when I'm procrastinating, burnt out or cranky. Which is almost every day, so maybe I'll be posting up a storm.

Finally, we had to lose the previous comment posts when we switched the journal over, so feel free to comment on the old posts or just wait for new entries to add your two cents. All I ask is that we keep things civilized here. Just because I have a modem, a few magazine subscriptions and a DVD collection doesn't mean I'm an expert on anything, and the same goes for all of you out there. Got it? Cool.

Later, skaters.
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