November 23rd, 2002


Welcome to Eltingville repeat

Just a reminder to anyone who wanted to catch the show or tape it -- the special (i.e. "failed pilot") is being re-broadcast tomorrow night (Sunday), at 10:30 pm, as part of the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block. if you were thinking of tapinbg it, now is the time, even though this is cable and the AS is going to five nights a week, there's no guarantee they'll be showing my llittle misfire too many more times. if you haven't see it before and you end up catching it, hope you enjoy it some..

Glengarry Glen Ross

Is now available on DVD with a supposedly swell documentary on salesmen, for those of you who care. I do, and so should you, as several terrific American thespians (and one Brit) act up a foulmouthed storm in this riveting adaptation of David Mamet's play about real estate salesmen on the brink. See Kevin Spacey before he wanted to become a cuddly household name! Watch Alec baldwin give a great performance -- no, really! Watch Jack Lemmon curse! Watch people repeat themselves a lot, and I mean, a lot -- repeat themselves a lot!

And remember -- Always Be Closing!
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