December 26th, 2002


Yo the hell ho

So. Hopefully you folks out there are having a tolerable, if not actually lovely, holiday season. We experienced a trying pre-holiday season but had a very pleasant Christmas day (although I could have done without the treacherous drive through a snowstorm that caused many accidnets on I-95 and sent a car behind me into a spin-out that shot it into oncoming traffic. yeesh.) We went to Sarah's dad's place for dinner and a family gift exchange program, and the snow ended with time enough to trek to the Lawgiver's abode for a social circle gift-a-thon.

We made off with some nice swag (DVD's of White Zombie, Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein and Glengarry Glen Ross (!), a giant case of 72 Kinder Eggs and Kinder holiday eggs (actually a belated wedding present!), a biography of L.Frank Baum, and other stuff), and left some nice swag in our wake. We capped off the evening by eating garbage, playing with the lawgiver's cats, and watching an amazingly wretched German zombie/gore/imbecile fiasco DVD called Premutos or something stupid like that. Some German no-talent lunkheads rented Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Dead Alive, Dawn of the Dead and a few John Waters films, skimmed the bible and a tattered history book, and made something that the bastard child of George Romero and Ed Wood would still walk out on. Possibly unintentionally bad English dubbing along with "what the huh" script, acting and direction mnakes this an entertaining exploitation crapbag winner, if not a good film by any means whatsoever. Holy hell. Some sequences were so awful/funny we ran them two or three times. Ee-yikes, you've been warned.

So, now to hurdle New Year's Eve so I can start getting back to work full-time. I'm enjoying the season, more or less, but I always get incredibly anxious around thgis time because it interferes with work, and like most cartoonists I know, you can't stop thinking about work no matter what's going on. It's also still been a tense month because my grandfather suffered a heart attack several days after being discharged from the hospital, and that was a bad scene, to put it mildly. He sound sbetter now after further treatment, but everyone's shaken up. Hopefully he'll still have a few good years left in him, he reached 89 the other day and you really can't ask for much more than that out of this game we call life, the game everyone plays and no one ever wins. Sheesh, look at Joe Strummer, what a clash city shocker that was. I don't get too worked up over the death of celebrities, I mean, we all die every day, and things happen, and to be honest, better them than me or my loved ones. But hearing about Strummer on the radio while shopping the other day was a kick in the guts. Similar to Joey Ramone's death. Billy Wilder dies, I felt bad, but the man lived long and very, very well. Most folks would agree that 50 years isn't enough on this planet, and when you're not a terribly long way away from 50 in the scheme of get to thinking, even more than usual for a morbid slob like myself. And when the icons of your teenage years start dropping you have to wonder, as our parents did when their stars and celebs started withering, "who's next?" And, "when is it my turn?". And since I think about that evry day, I don't like further reminders of the decay and end of everything. RIP Joe Strummer, best of health to my grandfather and all of us still stumbling around trying to figure it all out.

If I don't post between now and then, happy new year, merry whatever, don't drink and drive, be kind to one another.

Type to you soon,