December 30th, 2002


So long, 2002, and good riddance

I guess this is my last post of the year, so it's going to be a round-up of short items.

First, there's an article on humor comics that I was interviewed for that you may or may not find interesting, it's on the Pulse site at -- just scrawl down the stories and you'll see it. It's long and they also intrviewed Sam Henderson, james Kochalka, Batton Lash and others.

The new Previews catalogue for March releases is out, in it you can read about the Slave Labor fre giveaway comic they're putting together for the 2003 Free Comic Book Day. I'll be contributing a new Milk and Cheese cover as well as a new M&C 2-page strip. In the book section there's a listing for the Flame Rite zippo art book, which will feature reknowned artists like Crumb, Robt Williams, Kaz, Coop, and then down the list there's a new comic strip by me, featuring, you guessed it, Milk and Cheese. It's like they're back or something, isn't it? Over in the DC section, the Bizarro anthology is being released in a softcover, $20 edition, for those of you who are curious but didn't want to shell out $30 for the hc. Your call, there's some cute stuff in there worth a gander. In the SLG section they've listed a second printing for Dork #7, although it appears the price is incorrect at $3.50, so don't panic and think we're gouging anyone. Oddly enough, the latest Fantagraphics catalogue mistakenly listed Dork #9 and #10 at $3.50. Is there a conspiracy to make me out to be a gouger? Why is everyone against me and my innocuous little comic book?!? I mean, besides the obvious reasons.

Speaking of Flame Rite, apparently they're running out of the Milk and Cheese zippos, and once they're gone, that's it, they're going out of production. The Georgina Riley and Devil Puppet designs are gone, and there's only a few dozen left of the first M&C design, perhaps a few left of the second design as well. I don't condone smoking, but I have a few collectible zips (a Petty design and a Jaime Hernandez design) and I'm pissed off at Mayor Bloomberg for making NYC a smokeless town, so I figured I'd push the lighters. I mean, I hate smoking, but it's legal, and people should be allowed to at least smoke in an f'n bar, fer chrissakes. That's what bars are for, they're for drunks, smokers, slobs, sluts, people on the make and them thar those. They're for fairly illicit though legalized activities -- i.e., getting oneself fucked up. I assume I'm going to inhale smoke when I'm in a bar. So be it, so live with it. If Bloomberg is so interested in supposedly saving the lives of bar employees then he should get them all health insurance. And then he should get all the cops bullet proof vests and the firemen all the equipment they need to stay alive all the time and giant nets for steel workers and impact devices for bicylce messengers etc etc etc. And if the bar employees lose their jobs if and when bar business goes down, who's going to save their livelihoods? And if he loves humanity so much, then why does he allow people to get blind drunk in bars and pick fights, drive drunk, screw the wrong people and then screw up their lives..? He has a hard-on for smoking at the expense of getting anything else done and he's too dense to not let it look as if the smoking ban is his most important issue, whether that's tru or not (and it probably isn't). The statements he issues over things like smoking and what people should do if there's a tranist strike make it painfully obvious he's not in touch with the average constituent (then again, very few politicians are). And what does he care how people feel or what really happens to the economy and the city? If he gets voted out, he steps down from his trophy job to become just another plain old billionaire. Ugh. I really can't stand this guy.

Back to stupid comic book stuff: I just e-mailed my first script off to Marvel for an upcoming two-issue arc I'm doing on one of their titles. It's really, really stupid stuff. Intentionally. No, really.

The Amy Racecar trade collection has recently shipped from El Capitan, featuring Sarah's coloring work on two issues (the Racecar Color Specials). So, take a look and like what you see.

Okey-doke, that's the end of the odds and ends this time around. Pretty trite stuff, but what the hey. Everyone have a fun New Year's Eve and I'll type to you again soon.